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Thursday 26 November 2015
    Water Account, Australia, 2013-14
    The 9th edition of Water Account, Australia presents information on the physical and monetary supply and use of water in the Australian economy in 2013-14, compiled in accordance with the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA).

    Water Account, Australia also provides information on the water use and consumptive practices of key industries (Agriculture, Water supply, sewerage and drainage) and households.

    This publication presents datacubes for Australia and the states and territories.
    Australian National Accounts: Distribution of Household Income, Consumption and Wealth, 2003-04 to 2014-15
    Time series data for the distribution of household income, consumption and wealth initially published in cat. no, 5204.0.55.009
    Assets and Liabilities of Australian Securitisers, September 2015
    Provides quarterly information on the assets and liabilities of securitisers. These financial institutions issue short and/or long term securities (known as asset-backed securities) against specifically matched assets (e.g. mortgages, credit card receivables). Securitisers use the cash flows from the pool of assets to service the interest payments on the issued securities.
    Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia, September 2015
    Preliminary estimates derived from a sample survey of private businesses. Contains estimates of actual and expected new capital expenditure by type of asset (new buildings and other structures/equipment, plant and machinery) and by selected Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification industries. These statistics are expressed in current prices and chain volume measures, in original, seasonally adjusted and trend terms and are available for Australia and by state/territory.
    Managed Funds, Australia, September 2015
    Provides information quarterly, about money pooled for investment purposes in the managed funds industry. The statistics also provide the consolidated assets of managed funds institutions, classified by type of asset. The statistics also present unconsolidated information on the assets and liabilities of life insurance corporations, superannuation (pension) funds, public offer (retail) unit trusts, common funds, friendly societies and cash management trusts and the source of funds being invested with resident investment managers.

Friday 27 November 2015
    Information Paper: Experimental Estimates of Industry Level KLEMS Multifactor Productivity, 2015
First Issue
    This paper presents experimental estimates of industry level KLEMS multifactor productivity (MFP) for the 16 industries that comprise the market sector. The purpose of these estimates is to enable analysis of industry level productivity performance.
    Education and Work, Australia, May 2015
    Provides selected information on participation in education, highest educational attainment, transition from education to work and current labour force and demographic characteristics for the civilian population aged 15-74 years. Characteristics reported on include: type of educational institution attended or attending; level and main field of education of current study and highest level and main field of educational attainment.

    Information on unsuccessful enrolment, and deferment of study, is included for persons not studying in the survey year. Data on apprenticeships are also provided.

    Some of the statistical tables are presented in time series format. This product includes Data Cubes in spreadsheet format only.

    Please note State and Territory level Time series data cubes previously published under catalogue number 6227.0.55.003 are now published under this 6227.0 catalogue number.
    Livestock Products, Australia, September 2015
Replacement Content
    This release updates the main features page, datacube and time-series spreadsheets to correct errors in chicken data published in the September 2015 quarter.

Monday 30 November 2015
    Business Indicators, Australia, September 2015
    Contains quarterly estimates of profits, income from the sale of goods and services, wages and salaries, and the book value of inventories. These data are classified by broad industry, and original, seasonally adjusted and trend estimates are included for Australia, in current price terms. Volume measures are published for sales and inventories. State/territory data will also be included for sales, and wages and salaries, in current price terms.
    Household Income and Wealth, Australia, 2013-14
Additional Information
    This release includes new information: - Median net worth added to Household Assets and Liabilities tables for each subpopulation - Time series estimates of Imputed rent using a new experimental methodology available in Data cube 13. A paper explaining the new methodology will be released on 11 December 2015 (catalogue no. 6525.0) - Imputed rent for owner occupiers added to Income distribution tables for each subpopulation - Income (including imputed rent) totals added to Income, Government Benefits and Taxes tables for each subpopulation - Low economic resource households tables added to Data cube 3.

    The tables are available from the 'Downloads' tab.
    Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Australia, September 2015
    Actual and expected expenditure by private organisations exploring for minerals and petroleum. Mineral exploration expenditure is classified by state and commodity, and data are provided on metres drilled. Petroleum exploration expenditure is classified by onshore/offshore, and from the September quarter 1994, by region.

Tuesday 1 December 2015
    Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia, September 2015
    Provides detailed quarterly balance of payments tables on current, capital and financial transactions for the latest six quarters, including seasonally adjusted, trend and chain volume measures of the current account. It also provides a complete international investment position statement with details of the level of investment, investment flows and associated income. Detailed information is also provided on Australia's foreign debt. It includes longer term historical series, exchange rates, analytical ratios, analytical comment, graphs of principal aggregates as well as articles of interest and a list of such articles published in recent related publications.
    Government Finance Statistics, Australia, September Quarter 2015
    This release presents Government Finance Statistics (GFS) on an accrual accounting basis for the general government sector and the non-financial public sector. The key statement presented is the operating statement.
    Building Approvals, Australia, October 2015
    Provides the number and value of dwelling units approved by sector (public/private) and by state, number and value of new houses, new other residential dwelling units approved by type of building, and the number and value of non-residential building jobs approved by type of building (i.e. by function such as 'retail and wholesale trade', 'offices') and value ranges. State data includes the number of private sector houses approved; number and value of new other residential dwellings by type of building such as flats, units or apartments in a building of one or two storeys; number and value of non-residential building jobs by type of building and sector; and for Greater Capital City Statistical Areas, the total number of dwelling units approved broken down by Houses, Dwellings Excluding Houses and Total Dwelling Units. Seasonally adjusted and trend estimates by state are included for the number of dwelling units and value of building approved. The quarterly value of building approved is shown in chain volume measure terms. Small geographic area data cubes are presented for Statistical Areas Level 2 and Local Government Areas. Small area data cubes will be released in an "Additional information" release five business days after the main publication.

Wednesday 2 December 2015
    Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product, September 2015
    Detailed presentation of quarterly national accounts showing both current price estimates and chain volume measures in original, seasonally adjusted and trend terms. State details for components of state final demand are also included.
    Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia, September 2015
Additional Information
    SELECTED INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTS RATIOS - TABLES 35 and 85 Ratios of current account and international investment measures to both GDP and GNI are normally presented in Tables 35 and 85.

    Tables 35 and 85 in the Time Series data will be updated on 2 December 2015, released in conjunction with the release of the September quarter 2015 quarter issue of Australian National Accounts: National Income and Expenditure (cat. no. 5206.0).

Thursday 3 December 2015
    Personal Income of Migrants, Australia, Experimental, 2010-11
    The Migrant Personal Income Tax (PIT) Data Integration project uses statistical techniques to link migrants' administrative records from the Department of Social Services (DSS) Settlement Database (SDB) to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) personal income tax records. This publication presents a cross section of key results from the Personal Income Tax and Migrants Integrated dataset (PITMID) for the 2010-11 financial year, referred to as the 2010-11 PITMID, and highlights the range of data available. The personal income data is made available by the migrants' entry conditions: visa stream, primary or secondary applicant status and whether an onshore or offshore applicant.
    Corrective Services, Australia, September Quarter 2015
    Contains national information on persons in adult custody and community-based corrections in Australia. Quarterly information is presented for each state and territory. Information available includes: sex; age; imprisonment rates; legal status (sentenced, unsentenced); type of custody (secure, open); sentenced receptions; federal prisoners and type of community-based corrective services orders. Indigenous data are also available.
    International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia, October 2015
    Provides estimates for 15 months of the major aggregates for, and the balance on, international trade in goods and services (balance of payments basis) in both seasonally adjusted and trend estimates terms. Longer term graphs are provided, in seasonally adjusted and trend estimates terms, for the goods and services aggregates, and the balance on goods and services. In addition it provides more detailed commodity statistics for both goods and services in original terms, with goods provided on balance of payments and international trade basis, together with year-to-date information. More detailed services statistics, in seasonally adjusted and trend terms on a monthly basis as well as original terms on a quarterly basis are also provided. Merchandise imports and exports are provided at one and two digit SITC level with selected commodities at three digit level. Merchandise trade data are provided by country and by state. Data on exchange rates and analytical comments are included.
    Labour Force, Australia - Rebenchmarked Estimates, October 2015
First Issue
    Summary results of the October 2015 Labour Force Survey benchmarked to the November 2015 estimates of the civilian population and containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time/part-time status, states and territories and persons not in the labour force.
    Industrial Disputes, Australia, September 2015
    Quarterly results of the Industrial Disputes collection containing estimates of industrial disputes, employees involved and working days lost classified by states and territories, industry, cause of dispute, duration and the reason work resumed.

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