Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS)


In December 2002, the Australian Government adopted a formal cost recovery policy to improve the consistency, transparency and accountability of Australian cost recovery activities and to promote the efficient allocation of resources. The policy is contained in Australian Cost Recovery Guidelines for Information and Regulatory Agencies,re-issued in a revised format by the Department of Finance and Administration in July 2005.

This Cost Recovery Impact Statement (CRIS) results from the ABS’ review of its activities against these Guidelines.

Image: SummarySummary
Outlines the summary of the review of ABS cost-recovery activities against the Australian Cost Recovery Guidelines for Information and Regulatory Agencies.
Image: BackgroundBackground
Outlines the background to cost-recovery and application of cost-recovery principles in the ABS.
Image: Policy ReviewPolicy Review
  • Which of the ABS' objectives are relevant to the activities or products being considered for cost recovery?
  • The role of the ABS
  • Dissemination objectives of the ABS and ABS pricing principles
  • Whether cost recovery should be introduced
  • Changes in ABS prices
  • Mechanisms used for ongoing monitoring of the efficiency and effectiveness of cost recovery arrangements
  • Further review of the cost recovery arrangements
Image: Design and Implementation of Cost RecoveryDesign and Implementation of Cost Recovery
  • Who should pay cost recovery charges?
  • Should cost recovery charges be imposed using fees or levies?
  • What are the legal requirements for the imposition of charges and which issues should any legislation address?
  • Which costs should the charges include?
  • Marginally and incrementally costed products and services
  • How should charges be structured?
  • How should costs be calculated and allocated?
  • Calculating capital costs, Efficient costs, Transparent costs, ABS contribution to costs (partial cost recovery).
Image: Other MattersOther matters
Consultation during the development of this CRIS
Image: CertificationCertification
Authentication from the Australian Statistician, December 2006

Image: AttachmentsAttachments
Attachment 1 - ABS Actual and Projected Revenue 2004-05 to 2009-10
Attachment 2 - ABS Pricing Principles
Attachment 3 - Assessment for Inclusion in the BIS
Attachment 4 - Determining the content of the AIS and CIS
Attachment 5 - Products and services in the BIS and SIS
Attachment 6 - Overhead Categories
Attachment 7 - Partially Cost Recovered Activities