2006 Census of Population and Housing - Product Brief

A Picture of the Nation: The Statistician's Report on the 2006 Census

Product Description

The Statistician's Report will be re-introduced for the 2006 Census and is a national compendium publication containing key Census information relating to persons, families and households. Previously, in 2001 there were numerous printed statistical publications produced (these included statistical, thematic and characteristics publications) but the need for printed publications containing solely tables of data has passed. However, the ABS is keen to maintain some printed information and the Statistician's Report will essentially provide a place for clients to start their exploration of Census data. The publication will contain tables and graphs with analytical commentary about the statistics presented. Where appropriate, the report will include thematic mapping of data. The report will contain both usual residence and place of enumeration statistics.

Target Audience

The Statistician's Report is aimed at all Census data users, including those whose knowledge of Census concepts may be limited. The commentary will help users understand the data derived within the report.

Geographic Availability

The geography will be based on relevant classifications from within the ASGC, and other geographic classifications that are only derived for Census data, such as Urban Centres and Localities.

Anticipated Release Dates

The Statistician's Report is scheduled for release in January 2009.

Output Format

The Statistician's Report will be available in hardcopy from the ABS Bookshop. It will also be available as a .pdf document on the ABS Website.


The hardcopy of the Statistician's Report will cost $25.00.
The ".pdf" version of the Report will be available on the ABS Website as a free download.