Historical Census Data

Online census data: 2006, 2001, 1996
Census Data Online provides access to data from the 2006, 2001 and 1996 Censuses of Population and Housing.

Online census publications: 1991, 1986, 1981, 1976, 1921, 1911
Historical Censuses (Pre 1996) provides access to digitised census publications.
Publications for the census years 1933 to 1971 are being progressively added to this portal.

Colonial census publications
Historical Census and Colonial Data Archive (HCCDA) makes available Australian Colonial census publications and reports.
The archive has digitised microfiche versions of census publications from the ABS. Documents relate to the censuses from 1833 to 1901 from the former colonies of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.
Australian Historical Population Statistics (cat. no. 3105.0.65.001) provides summary demographic data from 1788 onwards.

Information about historical censuses
Population censuses in Australia 1828 to 2006 includes a list of census dates, in the publication Population Estimates: Concepts, Sources and Methods (cat. no. 3228.0.55.001).
The Population Census - a brief history, an article in Year Book Australia, 2005 (cat. no. 1301.0) provides further information.
Informing a Nation: the evolution of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (cat. no. 1382.0) includes a chapter on the history of Australia's Census of Population and Housing.

Resources for family historians and researchers
Early Australian Census Records, State Library of Victoria Research Guide

Further resources
ABS Information Consultancy Services can provide additional customised census data.
Census publications in print or microfiche format are available from the National Library of Australia or State libraries.

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