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Currently all ABS publications from 1994 onwards are available full-text on the ABS website.
The ABS also has an ongoing program of digitising issues earlier than 1994 for a range of key titles.

The following table lists titles that are available from an earlier date (usually the first date of publication), and will be updated as further titles become available.
NOTE: access historical issues via the 'Past & Future Releases' tab in a publication.



1300.1New South Wales Year Book1904-2004
1300.5Western Australian Year Book1886-1998
1301.0Year Book Australia1901-
1301.2Victorian Year Book1903-2002
1301.3Queensland Year Book1901-2001
1301.4South Australian Year Book1913-1999
1301.6Tasmanian Year Book1967-2000
1350.0Australian Economic Indicators1991-
1398.0 A Statistical Account of Australia and New Zealand1890-1904
2101.01991 Census of Population & Housing1991
2102.01986 Census of Population & Housing1986
2103.01981 Census of Population & Housing1981
2104.01976 Census of Population & Housing1976
2105.01971 Census of Population and Housing1971
2106.01966 Census of Population and Housing1966
2107.01961 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia1961
2108.01954 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia1954
2109.01947 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia1947
2110.01933 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia1933
2111.01921 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia 1921
2112.01911 Census of the Commonwealth of Australia1911
3101.0Australian Demographic Statistics1979-
3102.0Australian Demographic Trends1986; 1997
3141.0Demography Bulletin (includes Population and Vital Statistics Bulletin)1900-1971
3212.0Population and Vital Statistics1968-1978
3222.0Population Projections, Australia1950-
3307.0Divorces, Australia1961-1969; 1994
3311.1Demography, New South Wales1993-2001
3401.0Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia1959-
4101.0Social Indicators, Australia1976-1992
4218.0Tertiary Education, Australia1963-1971
4221.0Schools, Australia 1960-
4306.0Apparent Consumption of Foodstuffs, Australia1946-1999
4307.0Apparent Consumption of Tea and Coffee, Australia 1956-1980
5206.0Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product1972-
5302.0Balance of Payments, Australia1961-
5409.0Overseas Trade1903-1977
5608.0Housing Finance for Owner Occupation - Savings Banks and Trading Banks1975-1984
5609.0Housing Finance, Australia1975-
6203.0Labour Force, Australia1969-2003
6204.0The Labour Force, Australia1964-1995
6227.0Education and Work, Australia (includes Survey of Leavers from Schools, Universities or other Educational Institutions)1964-
6235.0Labour Force Status and Educational Attainment, Australia1979-1994
6302.0Average Weekly Earnings1967-
6310.0Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership, Australia1975-
6401.0Consumer Price Index 1972-
6403.0Average Retail Prices of Selected Food and Grocery Items1962-
6527.0Household Expenditure Survey: Information Paper (User Guide) 1988-89
6530.0Household Expenditure Survey: Summary of Results1984-
6531.0Household Expenditure Survey: Household Characteristics1984-
6533.0Household Expenditure Survey: States and Territories1984-
6535.0Household Expenditure Survey: Detailed Expenditure Items1984-
6537.0Household Expenditure Survey: Effects of Government Benefits and Taxes on Household Income1984-
7330.0Summary of Crops, Australia1987-1993
7503.0Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia1981-
8104.0Research and Experimental Development, Businesses, Australia1976-
8501.0Retail Trade1961-
8635.0Tourist Accommodation, Australia1975-
9208.0Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia1976-
9309.0Motor Vehicle Census, Australia1955-

Other historical data can be found in these publications:

Australian Historical Population Statistics (cat. no. 3105.0.65.001)
Includes data from 1788 onwards, covering population size & growth, distribution, age-sex structure, births, deaths, migration and divorces.
See Historical Census Data for access to more historical demographic data.

Historical Selected Agriculture Commodities, by State (1861 to Present) (cat. no. 7124.0)

Coming soon:

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