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Tuesday 17 September 2019
6416.0Residential Property Price Indexes: Eight Capital Cities, June 2019
Provides estimates of changes in residential property prices in each of the eight capital cities of Australia and related statistics. The information is presented in the form of price indexes for established houses and attached dwellings as well as an aggregated residential property price index. Estimates relating to the total value of the dwelling stock and transfer counts and medians are also provided.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
2080.0Microdata: Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, ACLD
Replacement ContentCategory labelling has been updated for the data item 2016 Type of Internet connection. The new label name of the data Item is 'Dwelling Internet Connection in 2016'. The labelling for categories 1 and 2 - which relate to Internet accessed from dwelling have been updated.
4602.0.55.005Waste Account, Australia, Experimental Estimates, 2016-17
This publication presents experimental estimates of solid waste in Australia for 2016-17.

Physical and monetary data are presented in an environmental-economic accounts format based on the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA).

Thursday 19 September 2019
1364.0.15.003Modellers' Database, June Qtr 2019
The Modellers' Database consists of 119 quarterly time series constructed from the National Income Forecasting model. Some of the time series are published elsewhere by ABS while others are specifically constructed for the National Income Forecasting model.
3101.0Australian Demographic Statistics, March 2019
Quarterly estimates of total resident population for states, territories and Australia. Includes estimates of the population by sex in five-year age groups; numbers (and some rates) of births, deaths, infant deaths, interstate and overseas movements; quarterly and/or annual time series spreadsheets; projected resident population for states, territories and Australia; and projected number of households for capital cities, states territories and Australia.

Periodically, articles focusing on specific demographic topics will be released as part of this publication.
6202.0Labour Force, Australia, August 2019
Summary results of the monthly Labour Force Survey containing estimates of employed and unemployed persons classified by sex, full-time / part-time status, states and territories and some age groups; and by persons not in the labour force.

Friday 20 September 2019
1900.0Data Integration Project Register, Australia
Replacement ContentAddition of data integration projects to the Register and updates to existing project entries to reflect progress (e.g to add new publications).
8104.0Research and Experimental Development, Businesses, Australia, 2017-18
Expenditure and human resources devoted to research and experimental development (R&D) carried out by businesses in Australia, classified by industry, employment size, type of expenditure, type of resource, location of expenditure, source of funds, type of activity, fields of research and socio-economic objective. Most data are expressed in current prices but key aggregates are also expressed in chain volume terms.

Monday 23 September 2019
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Tuesday 24 September 2019
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