Video Segment 5: What is Contained in the Data Profiles - Text Transcript

Welcome to the National Regional Profile screen show.

Segment 5 of the show is titled 'What is Contained in the Data Profiles'.

This segment is relevant if you wish to view the data for individual regions.

If you would like to compare data for a number of regions then you may wish to view Segment 6 in this series, describing how to access the SuperTABLE data cube.

Let's look at an example of how you might go about viewing the data profile for the region of Benalla in Victoria.

In this case, because I know the name of the region, I am going to select 'Benalla' from the list of Local Government Areas that is provided on the Map Entry page. This procedure was demonstrated in Segment 4 of this screen show .

Once you have entered the profile for the region you have the option of viewing a snapshot of the data in web pages from the summary tab, or viewing the expanded range of data in Excel spreadsheets from the downloads tab.

Summary Web Pages

When you open a profile for a region, you are taken to the Contents page for the summary web pages.

You will note that the data is broken up into the four main topics of Economy, Population and People, Industry, and Environment and Energy.

Selecting the Economy link from either the Contents page or the left menu bar will take you to the economic data available for Benalla.

Once you are in the Economy data page you can use the left menu bar to view the data under any of the other topics.

Excel spreadsheets

To view an Excel spreadsheet with an expanded list of data for Benalla, click on the downloads tab, and then select the .xls icon in green.

Depending on individual computer settings, you may now have the option to either open the file or to save it to a folder on your PC. For this example I have chosen to open the file.

The Excel spreadsheet will open to a contents page containing links to separate sheets for each data topic.

You can navigate to each of the sheets from the contents page or by clicking on the table name tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

As we move through the 4 tables you will notice the expanded range of data that are available in the Excel spreadsheet format compared with the summary web pages illustrated earlier. For example, in Table 2 the Estimated Resident Population is broken down by sex and five year age ranges.

We will now close the Excel spreadsheet by selecting the 'x' in the top right corner of the sheet, and return to the main Benalla profile page.

There are three other tabs on this profile page.

The third tab contains the product Explanatory Notes, a Glossary and an Abbreviations page.

These are a valuable source of information about the data series contained within the National Regional Profile.

The Related Information tab contains a Related Areas and a Related Products link.

The Related Areas link provides links to profiles of other regions within the geographical hierarchy that you have selected.

For our example of Benalla there is only one link in the Local Government structure above the Benalla Local Government Area, and this is the link to 'State' - in this case Victoria.

The Related Products menu contains links to the source products for much of the data found in the National Regional Profile.

The Past and Future Releases tab contains information about the timing of the next release of the National Regional Profile and also a link to the previous edition of the product released in July 2008.

The previous edition contained a time series of data from 2002 to 2006.

That brings us to the end of this segment of the National Regional Profile screen show.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered by the screen show or the help pages provided in the product please contact us via email at