Video Segment 4: How to Find a Region, by List - Text Transcript

Welcome to the National Regional Profile screen show.

Segment 4 of the show is titled 'How to Find a Region, by List'.

As we mentioned in Segment 1 of this screen show, there are three ways of finding a region in the National Regional Profile.

In this segment we will be showing you how to find a region by using the list of regions that appears on the Map Entry page.

This option is ideal if you know the name of the region or region type which you are interested in, such as a Local Government Area or a Statistical Local Area.

For this example, let's find data for the Statistical Local Area of Canterbury in New South Wales.

As we are looking for a Statistical Local Area, first ensure that the SD/SSD/SLA tab above the region list is active.

Then, from the State list, click on the 'plus' sign next to New South Wales. This opens up the list of Statistical Divisions in New South Wales.

Click on the 'plus' sign next to the Sydney Statistical Division, and this will display the list of Statistical Subdivisions in Sydney.

Find the Canterbury-Bankstown Statistical Subdivision and click the 'plus' sign once more to show the Canterbury Statistical Local Area.

Once you have found the Canterbury Statistical Local Area you can either go directly to the profile for that region by clicking on 'Get Data', or you can choose to find that region on the map by clicking on the region name.

You are now ready to access data for your region.

In this screen show we have shown you how to find a region from the region list.

In Segment 5 of this series, we will show you what is contained in the data profiles when you click on 'Get Data'.

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