Statistics by Catalogue Number

85 - 86. Service industries

8501.0Retail Trade, Australia, Jul 2020
8501.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to the Retail Trade Series, Jul 2004
8501.0.55.003Contribution of Gambling to Retail Estimates, Jun 2007
8501.0.55.004Information Paper: Changes to Spreadsheets for Retail Trade, Australia, May 2006
8501.0.55.005Information paper: Changes to the Dissemination of Retail Trade Statistics, January 2009
8501.0.55.006Information Paper: ANZSIC 2006 Implementation in Retail Trade Statistics, July 2009, July 2009
8501.0.55.007Information Paper: Measurement of Online Retail Trade in Macroeconomic Statistics, 2013
8501.0.55.008Retail Trade, Australia, Preliminary , July 2020
8502.0Retail Trade Quarterly Indicators, Australia, Dec 2008
8502.3Interstate Trade, Queensland, Jun 2014
8504.0Shipments of Wine and Brandy in Australia by Australian Winemakers and Importers, June 2014
8508.0Information Paper: Seasonal Influences on Retail Trade, 1998
8511.0Introduction of Improved Monthly Retail Trade Statistics, 1994 Information Paper
8513.0.40.001Retail Trade Special Data Services: Self Comparison Reports - Data Report, 1996
8513.0.40.002Retail Trade Special Data Services: Performance Reports - Data Report, Jul 1995
8513.0.40.003Retail Trade Special Data Service: Customised Reports - Data Report, 1999-2000
8514.0Information Paper: Introduction of Concurrent Seasonal Adjustment into the Retail Trade Series, 1999
8515.0Digital Game Development Services, Australia, 2006-07
8550.0Chiropractic and Osteopathic Services, Australia, 1997-98
8551.0Dental Services, Australia, 1997-98
8552.0Physiotherapy Services, Australia, 1997-98
8553.0Optometry and Optical Dispensing Services, Australia, 1997-98
8554.0Audiology and Audiometry Services, Australia, 1997-98
8555.0Sound Recording Studios, Australia, 1996-97
8556.0Market Research Services, Australia, 2001-02
8557.0Security Services, Australia, 1998-99
8558.0Employment Services, Australia, 2001-02
8559.0Television Services, Australia, 1999-2000
8560.0Museums, Australia, 2007-08
8561.0Public Libraries, Australia, 2003-04
8562.0Video Hire Industry, Australia, 1999-2000
8563.0Botanic Gardens, Australia, 1999-2000
8564.0Veterinary Services, Australia, 1999-2000
8565.0Hire Industries, Australia, Preliminary, 1999-2000
8566.0Business Events Venues Industry, Australia, 2000-01
8567.0Hire Services, Australia, 2002-03
8569.0Discussion Paper - Review of ABS Annual Service Industries Survey Program, 2005
8570.0Health Care Services, 2009-10
8601.0Service Industries Statistics Newsletter, Nov 2008
8602.0Tourism Newsletter, July 2009
8622.0Retail and Wholesale Industries, Australia, 2012-13
8623.1Retailing in New South Wales, 1991-92
8623.2Retailing in Victoria, 1991-92
8623.3Retailing in Queensland, 1991-92
8623.4Retailing in South Australia, 1991-92
8623.5Retailing in Western Australia, 1991-92
8624.0Retail and Wholesale Industries, Australia: Commodities, 2005-06
8625.0Retail Industry, State and Territory Summary, 1991-92
8633.3Overseas and Interstate Visitors to Qld households and interstate trips by Qld Oct 94, October 1994
8633.7Interstate and Overseas Visitors, Northern Territory, 1993
8634.0Tourism Indicators, Australia, Sep 2002
8635.0Tourist Accommodation, Australia, 2015-16
8635.0.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Expanded Scope Collection, Australia, 2003
8635.0.55.002Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Australia, Jun 2013
8635.1Tourist Accommodation, New South Wales, Dec 1997
8635.1.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, New South Wales, Dec 2002
8635.1.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, New South Wales, June 2013
8635.2Tourist Accommodation, Victoria, Dec 1997
8635.2.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Victoria, Dec 2002
8635.2.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Victoria, Jun 2013
8635.3Tourist Accommodation, Queensland, Dec 1997
8635.3.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Queensland, Dec 2002
8635.3.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Queensland, Jun 2013
8635.4Tourist Accommodation, South Australia, Dec 1997
8635.4.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, South Australia, Dec 2002
8635.4.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, South Australia, Jun 2013
8635.5Tourist Accommodation, Western Australia, Dec 1997
8635.5.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Western Australia, Dec 2002
8635.5.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Western Australia, Jun 2013
8635.6Tourist Accommodation, Tasmania, Dec 1997
8635.6.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Tasmania, Dec 2002
8635.6.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Tasmania, Jun 2013
8635.7Tourist Accommodation, Northern Territory, Dec 1997
8635.7.40.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Northern Territory, Dec 2002
8635.7.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Northern Territory, Jun 2013
8635.8Tourist Accommodation, Australian Capital Territory, Dec 1997
8635.8.55.001Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Australian Capital Territory, Jun 2013
8638.0Wholesale Industry, Australia, 1998-99
8639.0Interest Groups, Australia, 1995-96
8644.8Shopping Preferences, Australian Capital Territory, Oct 1997
8647.0Gambling Industries, Australia, Preliminary, 1997-98
8649.0Libraries and Museums, Australia, 1996-97
8651.0Commercial Art Galleries, Australia, 1999-2000
8652.0Motor Vehicle Hire Industry, Australia, 1991-92
8653.0Travel Agency Services, Australia, 2003-04
8654.0Motion Picture Exhibition, Australia, 1999-2000
8655.0Cafes, Restaurants and Catering Services, Australia, 2006-07
8663.0Real Estate Services, Australia, 2002-03
8667.0Legal Services, Australia, 2007-08
8668.0Accounting Practices, Australia, 2001-02
8669.0Computing Services Industry, Australia, 1998-99
8672.0Cleaning Services Industry, Australia, 1998-99
8674.0Hospitality Industries, Australia, 1991-92
8676.0Technical Services, Australia, 1992-93
8677.0Selected Business Services, Australia, 1992-93
8678.0Legal and Accounting Services, Australia, 1995-96
8679.0Film, Television and Digital Games, Australia, 2015-16
8680.0Radio and Television Services, Australia, 1996-97
8681.0Information Media and Telecommunications Services, Australia, 2013-14
8683.0Casinos, Australia , 2000-01
8684.0Gambling Services, Australia , 2004-05
8685.0Private Medical Practices, Australia, 2001-02
8686.0Sports and Physical Recreation Services, Australia, 2004-05
8687.0Clubs, Pubs, Taverns and Bars, Australia, 2004-05
8688.0Selected Amusement and Leisure Industries, Australia, 2000-01
8689.0Private Medical Practitioners, Australia, 2002
8690.0Inbound Tour Operators, Australia, 1995-96
8691.0Tourism Marketing Expenditure, Australia, 2005-06
8692.0Sport, Recreation and Gambling Industries, Australia, 1994-95
8693.0Consultant Engineering Services, Australia, 2001-02
8694.0Community Services, Australia, Preliminary, 1995-96
8695.0Accommodation Services, Australia, 2006-07
8696.0Community Services, 2008-09
8697.0Performing Arts, Australia, 2006-07
8698.0Waste Management Services, Australia, 2009-10
8699.0Zoos, Parks and Gardens Industry, Australia, 1996-97
9501.0Origin of Guests, Australia, 1994
9502.0.55.001Framework for Australian Tourism Statistics, 2003
9503.0.55.001Tourism Region Maps and Allocation File, Australia, 2016