Statistics by Catalogue Number

83. Manufacturing commodity production

8301.0Production of Selected Construction Materials, Mar 2014
8357.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Household Appliances and Electrical Equipment, June 1994 to August 1994
8358.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Clothing and Footwear, July 1994 to September 1994
8359.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Food, Drink, Tobacco, Stock and Poultry Food, Aug 1994 - Oct 1994 (FINAL)
8360.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Fibres, Yarns, Fabrics, Bedding and Floor Coverings, Aug 1994 - Oct 1994 (FINAL)
8361.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Building Materials and Fittings, June 1994 to August 1994
8362.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Plastics, Rubber, Paints, Detergents and Industrial Chemicals, June 1994 to August 1994
8363.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Transport Equipment, July 1994 to September 1994
8365.0Manufacturing Production, Commodities Produced, Australia, 1997-98
8367.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Metal Products, June 1994 to August 1994
8368.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Energy Products, August 1994 to October 1994
8369.0Manufacturing Production, Australia: Wood and Wood Products, July 1994 to September 1994