Statistics by Catalogue Number

82. Manufacturing and energy - general

8201.0Manufacturing Industry, Australia, Preliminary, 2000-01
8205.0Information Paper: Availability of Statistics Related to Manufacturing, 1997
8208.0Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Industries, Australia, 1999-2000
8221.0Manufacturing Industry, Australia, 2006-07
8221.1Manufacturing Industry, New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory, 1999-2000
8221.1.55.001Manufacturing Industry, New South Wales, 2001-02
8221.2Manufacturing Industry, Victoria, 1999-2000
8221.2.55.001Manufacturing Industry, Victoria, 2001-02
8221.3Manufacturing Industry, Queensland, 1999-2000
8221.3.55.001Manufacturing Industry, Queensland, 2001-02
8221.4Manufacturing Industry, South Australia, 1999-2000
8221.4.55.001Manufacturing Industry, South Australia, 2001-02
8221.5Manufacturing Industry, Western Australia, 1999-2000
8221.5.55.001Manufacturing Industry, Western Australia, 2001-02
8221.6Manufacturing Industry, Tasmania, 1999-2000
8221.6.55.001Manufacturing Industry, Tasmania, 2001-02
8221.7Manufacturing Industry, Northern Territory, 1992-93
8225.0Manufacturing, Australia, 2002
8226.0Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services, Australia, 2006-07
8229.0Manufacturing Indicators, Australia, March 2010