Statistics by Catalogue Number

72. Livestock and livestock products

7204.3Livestock Products -- Meat, Queensland, October 1994
7210.0Shearing and Wool Production Forecast, Australia, Preliminary, 1994-95
7211.0Shearing and Wool Production Forecast, Australia, 1994-95
7215.0Livestock Products, Australia, Jun 2020
7217.0Directory of Agricultural Statistics, 1998
7218.0Livestock and Meat, Australia, Dec 2002
7218.0.55.001Livestock and Meat, Australia, Jun 2020
7218.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to AusStats Tables for Livestock and Meat, Australia, Aug 2005
7221.0Livestock and Livestock Products, Australia, 1992-93
7221.2Livestock and Livestock Products, Victoria, 1993-94
7221.3Livestock and Livestock Products, Queensland, 1992-93
7221.4Livestock and Livestock Products, South Australia, 1992-93
7221.5Livestock and Livestock Products, Western Australia, 1992-93