Statistics by Catalogue Number

71. Agriculture statistics - general

7100.0Agricultural Census: Consultation on Content, 2015-16
7101.0Ag Mag - The Agriculture Newsletter, Jun 2013
7102.0Characteristics of Australian Farms, March 1993
7103.0Information Paper: Agricultural Census: ABS Views on Content and Procedures, 2005-06
7103.0.80.002Agricultural Census: ABS Views on Content and Procedures, 2010-11
7104.0.55.001Agriculture in Focus: Farming Families, Australia, 2006
7104.0.55.002Agriculture in Focus: Farmers' Perception of a Change in Climate, 2006-07
7105.0ABS Agriculture Statistics Collection Strategy - 2008-09 and beyond, 2009-10
7105.0.55.001Discussion Paper: Environment and Agriculture Survey Program Review, 2011-12
7106.0Australian Farming in Brief, 2013
7107.0Information Paper: AgStats, Australia, 1992-93
7110.0Home Production of Selected Foodstuffs, Australia, April 1992
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary, 2016-17
7111.0.55.001Agricultural Survey: Farm Business Operations and Management, Australia, 2001-02
7111.0.55.002Agricultural Survey, Apples and Pears, Australia, Preliminary, 2004-05
7111.0.55.003Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary, 2001-02
7111.1Principal Agricultural Commodities, New South Wales, Preliminary, 1996-97
7111.2Principal Agricultural Commodities, Victoria, Preliminary, 1996-97
7111.3Principal Agricultural Commodities, Queensland, Preliminary, 1996-97
7111.4Principal Agricultural Commodities, South Australia, Preliminary, 1996-97
7111.5Principal Agricultural Commodities, Western Australia, Preliminary, 1996-97
7111.6Principal Agricultural Commodities, Tasmania, Preliminary, 1996-97
7112.0Selected Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary, 2005-06
7113.0Agriculture, Australia, 1999-2000
7113.1Agriculture, New South Wales, 1996-97
7113.2Agriculture, Victoria, 1996-97
7113.3Agriculture, Queensland, 1996-97
7113.4Agriculture, South Australia, 1996-97
7113.5Agriculture, Western Australia, 1996-97
7113.6Agriculture, Tasmania, 1994
7113.7Agriculture and Fishing, Northern Territory, 1996-97
7114.6Agriculture, Tasmania, 1996-97
7115.0AgStats on CD-ROM, 1985-86 to 1992-93
7116.0AgStats on Magnetic Tape, 1995-96
7117.0AgStats on Floppy Disk, 1995-96
7117.0.30.001AgStats on GSP, 1996-97 to 2000-01
7118.0AgStats on Microfiche, 1993-94
7119.0AgStats Manual, 1995-96
7120.1Agriculture Statistics - Selected Small Area Data, New South Wales, 1993-94
7120.2Agriculture Statistics -- Selected Small Area Data, Victoria, 1993-94
7120.3Agriculture Statistics -- Selected Small Area Data, Queensland, 1992-93
7120.4Agriculture Statistics -- Selected Small Area Data, South Australia, 1992-93
7120.5Agriculture Statistics -- Selected Small Area Data, Western Australia, 1992-93
7121.0Agricultural Commodities, Australia, 2018-19
7122.0.55.001Stocks of Grain Held by Bulk Handling Companies and Grain Traders, Australia, Sep 2012
7123.1.55.001Agricultural State Profile, New South Wales, 2006-07
7123.2.55.001Agricultural State Profile, Victoria, 2006-07
7123.3.55.001Agricultural State Profile, Queensland, 2006-07
7123.4.55.001Agricultural State Profile, South Australia, 2006-07
7123.5.55.001Agricultural State Profile, Western Australia, 2006-07
7123.6.55.001Agricultural State Profile, Tasmania, 2006-07
7123.7.55.001Agricultural State Profile, Northern Territory, 2006-07
7124.0Historical Selected Agriculture Commodities, by State (1861 to Present), 2010-11
7125.0Agricultural Commodities: Small Area Data, Australia, 2006-07
7126.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Third Estimates, Australia, 2005-06
7127.0Agricultural Land and Water Ownership, 2015-16
7128.0Sugarcane, experimental regional estimates using new data sources and methods, 2019-20
7129.0Improving agricultural crop statistics using satellite data, 2020