Statistics by Catalogue Number

56. Finance

5601.0Lending Indicators, Jul 2020
5601.0.55.001Information Paper: Forthcoming Changes to Monthly Finance Statistics, 2018
5608.0Housing Finance for Owner Occupation - Savings Banks and Trading Banks, Australia, Jun 1984
5609.0Housing Finance, Australia, November 2018
5609.0.00.001Housing Finance for Owner Occupation, Australia, 1994
5609.0.55.002Information paper: Changes to Time Series Spreadsheets associated with the publication Housing Finance, Australia, 2006
5611.0Finance, Australia, 2000-01
5611.0.00.001Finance Australia in Brief, 2000
5625.0Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia, Jun 2020
5626.0Private New Capital Expenditure, Australia, Actual and Expected Expenditure, March Quarter 1994
5629.0Inventories and Sales, Selected Industries, Australia, Sep 2001
5635.0Cash Management Trusts, Australia, September 1994
5635.0.40.001Cash Management Trusts, Australia: Data Report, Nov 2003
5642.0Personal Finance, Australia, Oct 1997
5643.0Commercial Finance, Australia, Oct 1997
5644.0Lease Finance, Australia, Oct 1997
5645.0.40.001Public Unit Trusts, Australia, Mar 2003
5646.0Private New Capital Expenditure, State Estimates, Dec 2001
5647.0Monthly Statistics for Corporations Registered under the Financial Corporations Act, Dec 2000
5647.0.40.001Monthly Statistics for Corporations Registered under the Financial Corporations Act, Data Report, Mar 2001
5651.0Company Profits, Australia, Sep 2001
5653.0Directory of Capital Expenditure Data Sources and Related Statistics, 1996-97
5654.0Average Monthly Exchange Rates, Oct 1996
5654.0.40.001Average Monthly Exchange Rates, DataReport, May 2003
5655.0Managed Funds, Australia, Jun 2020
5655.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to Managed Funds, Australia to incorporate revised international standards, 2010
5655.0.55.003Consultation with Industry on Superannuation Data Collection by Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, 2015
5656.0Assets of Superannuation Funds and Approved Deposit Funds, Jun 1995 (FINAL)
5657.0.40.001Common Funds, Australia, Mar 2003
5660.0.40.001Assets and Liabilities of Friendly Societies, Australia, Mar 2003
5661.0Annual Statistics on Financial Institutions, 1995-96
5661.0.40.001Annual Statistics on Financial Institutions on Hardcopy, 2000-01
5671.0Lending Finance, Australia, November 2018
5671.0.55.001Information paper: Changes to Time Series Spreadsheets associated with the publication Lending Finance, Australia, Jul 2006
5672.0Information Paper: Expanded Use of Business Income Tax Data in ABS Economic Statistics - Experimental Estimates for Selected Industries 1994-95 and 1995-96, 1995-96
5673.0Information Paper: Use of Individual Income Tax Data for Regional Statistics, 1995-96 and 1996-97
5673.0.55.001Regional Wage and Salary Earner Statistics, Australia, 2003-04
5673.0.55.003Wage and Salary Earner Statistics for Small Areas, Time Series, 2005-06 to 2010-11
5674.5Information Paper: Experimental Estimates of Foreign and Domestic Investment in Private New Capital Expenditure, Western Australia, 1998-99
5675.0Information Paper: Use of Business Income Tax Data for Regional Small Business Statistics -- Experimental Estimates, Selected Regions, Australia, 1995-96 to 1997-98
5676.0Business Indicators, Australia, Jun 2020
5676.0.55.003Business Indicators, Business Impacts of COVID-19, August 2020
5677.0Information Paper: Improvements to Australian Bureau of Statistics Quarterly Business Indicators, 2001
5678.0Venture Capital and Later Stage Private Equity, Australia, 2018-19