Statistics by Catalogue Number

55. Public sector accounts

5501.0Government Financial Estimates, Australia, 2000-01
5501.0.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Australia, 2014-15 Final
5501.0.55.002Government Financial Estimates, Commonwealth, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.1.55.001Government Financial Estimates, New South Wales, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.2Local Government Finance, Victoria, 1999-2000
5501.2.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Victoria, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.3.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Queensland, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.4.55.001Government Financial Estimates, South Australia, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.5.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Western Australia, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.6Government Finance Statistics, Tasmania, 1999-2000
5501.6.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Tasmania, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5501.7.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Nothern Territory, Electronic Delivery, 2002
5501.8.55.001Government Financial Estimates, Australian Capital Territory, Electronic Delivery, 2002-03
5502.1.15.001Local Government Finance, New South Wales, 1999-2000
5502.1.40.001Local Government Finance, New South Wales, 2000-01
5502.3Local Government, Queensland, 1993-94
5502.7Local Government Finance, Northern Territory, 1996-97 and 1997-98
5502.7.55.001Local Government Finance, Northern Territory, Electronic Delivery, 1998-99
5506.0Taxation Revenue, Australia, 2018-19
5510.0Expenditure on Education, Australia, 1997-98
5512.0Government Finance Statistics, Australia, 2018-19
5512.0.55.001Information Paper: Forthcoming Changes to the Annual Publication for Government Finance Statistics, Dec 2018
5513.0Public Sector Financial Assets and Liabilities, Australia, 30 Jun 1998
5514.0Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2015
5514.0.55.001Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2005
5514.0.55.002Local Government Purpose Classification, 2008
5515.0Finance Estimates of Commonwealth Public Trading Enterprises, Australia, 1996-97
5516.0Information Paper: Developments in Government Finance Statistics, 1997
5517.0Information Paper: Accruals-Based Government Finance Statistics, 2000
5518.0.40.001Government Finance Statistics, Education, Australia, Data Report, 1998-99
5518.0.55.001Government Finance Statistics, Education, Australia, 2018-19
5519.0.55.001Government Finance Statistics, Australia, Jun 2020