Statistics by Catalogue Number

54. International trade

5409.0Overseas Trade - Part I - Exports and Imports, 1976-77
5422.0International Merchandise Trade, Australia, Mar 2003
5432.0.65.001International Merchandise Exports, Australia - Electronic Delivery, Sep 2003
5439.0International Merchandise Imports, Australia, Dec 2015
5439.0.55.001Information Paper: Changes to Ausstats Tables for International Merchandise Imports, Australia, Jul 2005
5465.0International Trade, Australia - Information Consultancy Subscription Service, 2000
5466.0International Trade, Australia - Information Consultancy Ad Hoc Service, 2000
5485.0Australian Outward Finance and Insurance Foreign Affiliate Trade, 2009-10
5487.0Information Paper: International Merchandise Trade Statistics, Australia: Data Confidentiality, 1999
5488.0Information Paper: International Merchandise Trade Statistics Revision of Commodity Classifications, 1996
5489.0International Merchandise Trade, Australia: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2018
5492.0Information Paper: A Methodology for Estimating Regional Merchandise Exports - Including Experimental Estimates for Three Queensland Regions, 1994-95 to 1996-97
5494.0Economic Activity of Foreign Owned Businesses in Australia, 2014-15
5495.0Australian Outward Foreign Affiliates Trade, 2018-19
5496.0.55.001Foreign Ownership of Australian Exporters and Importers, 2002-03
5497.0.55.001Information Paper: Request to Confidentialise International Trade Data, 2001
5499.0.55.001Information Paper: International Trade Classification Feasibility Studies, 2001