Statistics by Catalogue Number

46. Environment

4601.0Australians and the Environment, 1996
4602.0Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices, Mar 2007
4602.0.00.002Community Engagement with Nature Conservation, Australia , 2011-12
4602.0.55.001Environmental Issues: Energy Use and Conservation, Mar 2014
4602.0.55.002Environmental Issues: Waste Management, Transport and Motor Vehicle Usage, Mar 2012
4602.0.55.003Environmental Issues: Water use and Conservation, Mar 2013
4602.0.55.005Waste Account, Australia, Experimental Estimates, 2016-17
4602.0.55.006Waste Account, Australia, 2010-11
4602.2Household Water and Energy Use, Victoria, October 2011
4602.3Queensland Water and Energy Use and Conservation, Oct 2009
4603.0Environment Protection, Mining and Manufacturing Industries, Australia, 2000-01
4603.0.55.001Discussion paper: Towards an Environmental Expenditure Account, Australia, August 2014
4604.0Energy Account, Australia, 2017-18
4605.0Australian Transport and the Environment, 1997
4606.0Sustainable Agriculture in Australia, 1993-94
4607.0Fish Account, Australia, 1997
4608.0Mineral Account, Australia, 1996
4608.0.40.001Mineral Account, Volume Change Tables, Australia, 1994 to 1996
4609.0.55.001Land Account: Great Barrier Reef Region, Experimental Estimates, 2014
4609.0.55.002Land Account: Victoria, Experimental Estimates, 2012
4609.0.55.003Land Account: Queensland, Experimental Estimates, 2011 - 2016
4609.4.55.001Land Account: South Australia, Experimental Estimates, 2006 - 2011
4610.0Water Account, Australia, 2017-18
4610.0.55.001Proposed Methodology for Producing Regional Water Use Estimates, 2004-05
4610.0.55.002Experimental Estimates of Regional Water Use, Australia, 2004-2005
4610.0.55.003Water Access Entitlements, Allocations and Trading, 2004-05
4610.0.55.004Research Paper: An Experimental Monetary Water Account for Australia, 2003-04
4610.0.55.005An Experimental Monetary Water Account for Australia, 2004-05
4610.0.55.006Information Paper: Methods of estimating the Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production, 2008
4610.0.55.007Water and the Murray-Darling Basin - A Statistical Profile, 2000-01 to 2005-06
4610.0.55.008Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production, 2017-18
4610.0.55.010Integrated Water Accounts for the Canberra region, 2013-14 to 2016-17
4611.0Environment Expenditure, Local Government, Australia, 2002-03
4613.0Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends, Jan 2010
4614.0.55.001Energy in Focus: Energy Use in Australian Homes, Mar 2010
4614.0.55.002Energy in Focus: Energy Efficiency of Australian Homes, Apr 2010
4614.0.55.003Energy in Focus: Business Expenditure on Energy Research and Development, Nov 2010
4615.0Salinity on Australian Farms, 2002
4616.0.55.001Research Paper: A Methodology for Estimating Regional Agricultural Water Use, Sep 2006
4616.1Domestic Water Use, New South Wales, Oct 2002
4616.5.55.001Domestic Water Use, Western Australia, Oct 2003
4617.0Environment by Numbers: Selected Articles on Australia's Environment, 2003
4618.0Water Use on Australian Farms, 2018-19
4618.4Domestic Use of Water and Energy, South Australia, Oct 2004
4619.0Land Management Practices in the Great Barrier Reef Catchments, Preliminary, 2008-09
4619.0.55.001Land Management Practices in the Great Barrier Reef Catchments, Final, 2008-09
4619.0.55.002Land Management Practices in the Great Barrier Reef Catchments, Experimental Estimates, 2008-09
4620.0Natural Resource Management on Australian Farms, 2006-07
4621.1Domestic Water and Energy Use, New South Wales, Oct 2006
4623.0Characteristics of Australia's Irrigated Farms, 2000-01 to 2003-04
4624.0Natural Resource Management on Australian Farms, Preliminary, 2004-05
4625.0Farm Management and Climate, 2006-07
4626.0.55.001Environmental views and behaviour, 2011-12
4627.0Land Management and Farming in Australia, 2016-17
4628.0.55.001Completing the Picture - Environmental Accounting in Practice, May 2012
4629.0.55.001Discussion Paper: Environmental taxes in Australia - Experimental new statistics, 2000-2011
4630.0Agricultural Resource Management Practices, Australia, 2011-12
4631.0Employment in Renewable Energy Activities, Australia, 2018-19
4632.0.55.001Discussion Paper: From Nature to the Table: Environmental-Economic Accounting for Agriculture, 2015-16
4647.0Alternative View of Electricity and Gas Supply Activity , 2006-07 to 2007-08
4647.0.55.001Research Paper: Developing An Alternative View of Electricity and Gas Supply Activity in Australia, 2003-04
4648.0.55.001Detailed Energy Statistics, Australia, 2001-02
4649.0.55.001Energy Statistics, Australia, 2001-02
4650.5Conservation of Energy, Water and the Environment, Western Australia, November 1992
4651.0Land Management: Fitzroy and Livingstone Shires Queensland, 2004-2005
4652.5Domestic Use of Water and Energy, WA, Oct 2006
4653.0Environment and Energy News, Dec 2009
4655.0Australian Environmental-Economic Accounts, 2019
4655.0.55.001Towards an integrated environmental-economic account for Australia, 2010
4655.0.55.002Information Paper: Towards the Australian Environmental-Economic Accounts, 2013
4656.5Household Choices Related to Water and Energy, WA, October 2009
4660.0Energy Use and Electricity Generation, Australia, 2017-18
4661.0Using electricity data to understand COVID-19 impacts , 2020
4670.0Household Energy Consumption Survey, Australia: Summary of Results, 2012
4670.0.30.001Microdata: Household Energy Consumption, 2012
4671.0Household Energy Consumption Survey, User Guide, Australia, 2012
4680.0Experimental Environmental-Economic Accounts for the Great Barrier Reef, 2017
4680.0.55.001Information Paper: An Experimental Ecosystem Account for the Great Barrier Reef Region, 2015