Statistics by Catalogue Number

33. Vital statistics

3301.0Births, Australia, 2018
3302.0Deaths, Australia, 2018
3302.0.55.001Life Tables, States, Territories and Australia, 2016-2018
3302.0.55.002Discussion Paper: Assessment of Methods for Developing Life Tables for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 2006
3302.0.55.003Life Tables for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 2015-2017
3302.0.55.004Linking Death registrations to the 2016 Census, 2016-17
3302.0.55.005Information Paper: Death registrations to Census linkage project - Key Findings for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, 2011-2012
3302.1.55.001Life Tables, New South Wales, 2008-2010
3302.2.55.001Life Tables, Victoria, 2008-2010
3302.3.55.001Life Tables, Queensland, 2008-2010
3302.4.55.001Life Tables, South Australia, 2008-2010
3302.5.55.001Life Tables, Western Australia, 2008-2010
3302.6.55.001Life Tables, Tasmania, 2008-2010
3302.7.55.001Life Tables, Northern Territory, 2008-2010
3302.8.55.001Life Tables, Australian Capital Territory, 2008-2010
3303.0.55.001Causes of Death, Australia: Doctor Certified Deaths, Summary Tables, 2019
3303.0.55.002Microdata: Mortality, Enhanced Characteristics, Australia , 2011-12
3303.0.55.003Changing Patterns of Mortality in Australia, 1968-2017
3303.0.55.004Provisional Mortality Statistics, Jan - May 2020
3304.0Perinatal Deaths, Australia, 2009
3306.0Marriages, Australia, 1993
3306.0.55.001Marriages, Australia, 2007
3307.0Divorces, Australia, July 1994
3307.0.55.001Divorces, Australia, 2007
3309.0Suicides, Australia, 2010
3309.0.55.001Suicides: Recent Trends, Australia, 1993 to 2003
3310.0Marriages and Divorces, Australia, 2018
3311.0.55.001Demography, Australia, 2004 Final
3311.1Demography, New South Wales, 2001
3311.1.55.001Demography, New South Wales, 2004 Final
3311.2Demography, Victoria, 2001
3311.2.55.001Demography, Victoria, 2004 Final
3311.3Demography, Queensland, 2001
3311.3.55.001Demography, Queensland, 2004 Final
3311.4Demography, South Australia, 2001
3311.4.55.001Demography, South Australia, 2004 Final
3311.5Demography, Western Australia, 2001
3311.5.55.001Demography, Western Australia, 2004 Final
3311.6Demography, Tasmania, 2001
3311.6.55.001Demography, Tasmania, 2004 Final
3311.7Demography, Northern Territory, 1995 Corrigendum
3311.7.55.001Demography, Northern Territory, 2004 Final
3311.8Demography, Australian Capital Territory, 2001
3311.8.55.001Demography, Australian Capital Territory, 2004 Final
3312.1Deaths, New South Wales, 1993
3312.2Deaths, Victoria, 1993
3312.3Deaths, Queensland, 1993
3312.4Deaths, South Australia, 1993
3312.5Deaths, Western Australia, 1993
3312.6Deaths, Tasmania, 1993
3313.0Trends in Mortality by Causes of Death in Australia, the States and Territories during 1971-92 and in the Regions during 1991-92, 1971-92
3314.0Deaths due to Diseases and Cancers of the Respiratory System, Australia, 1979-94
3315.0Occasional Paper: Mortality of Indigenous Australians, 1997
3316.7Indigenous Demography, Northern Territory, 1994
3317.0.55.001Information Paper: External Causes of Death, Data Quality, 2005
3317.0.55.002Information Paper: ABS Causes of Death Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2006
3318.0Mortality Atlas, Australia, 1997 to 2000
3319.0.55.001Multiple Cause of Death Analysis, 1997-2001
3320.0Deaths From External Causes, Australia, 1998 to 2002
3321.0.55.001Drug Induced Deaths, Australia, 1991-2001