Statistics by Catalogue Number

93. Motor vehicle registrations

9301.0New Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia: Preliminary, Dec 2001
9303.0Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia, Oct 1997
9303.0.40.003New Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia, Dec 2000
9303.0.55.001New Motor Vehicle Registration (NMVR), Australia, Main Data, Dec 2001
9303.0.55.002New Motor Vehicle Registration (NMVR), Australia, Motorcycles Data, Dec 2001
9303.2Motor Vehicle Registrations, Victoria, Dec 1994
9303.3Motor Vehicle Registrations, Queensland, Dec 1994
9303.5Motor Vehicle Registrations, Western Australia, Dec 1994
9303.6Motor Vehicle Registrations, Tasmania, Dec 1994
9309.0Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 Jan 2020
9309.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to the Motor Vehicle Census date, 31 Mar 2010
9309.0.55.003Microdata: Census of Motor Vehicles, Australia
9311.0Motor Vehicles in Australia, 1997
9312.0.30.001Motor Vehicles on GSP, Oct 1999
9313.0Information Paper: Developments in New Motor Vehicle Statistics, Nov 2001
9314.0Sales of New Motor Vehicles, Australia, December 2017
9314.0.55.001Sales of New Motor Vehicles, Electronic Delivery, May 2007