Statistics by Catalogue Number

89. Other agencies

8901.0Health in Australia - What you should know, Jan 1995
8902.0Australian Health Trends, 2001
8903.0Australia's Health, 2006
8904.0Australia's Food and Nutrition, Jan 1994
8905.0Australia's Welfare, 2005
8906.0Australian Hospital Statistics, 2002-03
8907.0National Health Information Model, 1995
8908.0Medical Labour Force, 2003
8910.2Victoria in Time - 1981, 1986, 1991 Census Statistics for Victoria's New Local Government Areas, 1981, 1986 and 1991
8911.2Regional Victoria in Fact - Census Statistics for Victoria's Local Government Areas, Aug 1996
8912.2Melbourne in Fact - Census Statistics for Melbourne's Local Government Areas, 1996
8913.2Victoria in Future - The Victorian Government's Population Projections for the State's Local Government Areas, 1996 to 2021
8913.2.30.001Victoria in Future - The Victorian Government's population projections for the State's Local Government Areas on CD-ROM, 1996 to 2021
8914.2Victoria In Fact - Census Statistics for Victoria's Local Government Areas Interim Report, 1996
8916.0Cancer in Australia, 2001
8917.0Australia's Children: Their Health and Wellbeing, 2002
8918.0.00.001Siena Group Papers: Families at the End of the 20th Century - Vol 1, 1998-99
8918.0.00.002Siena Group Papers: Family Statistics Country Papers - Vol 2, 1998-99
8918.0.00.003Siena Group Papers: Future Directions for the Siena Group - Vol 3, 1998-99
8919.0Health in Rural and Remote Australia, 1998
8920.0International Health - How Australia Compares, 1999
8921.2Towns in Time: Analysis and Data, Census Statistics for Victoria's Towns and Rural Areas, 1981 to 1996
8922.0Australia's Young People: Their Health and Wellbeing, 2003
8923.3Recent Population and Housing Trends in Queensland, 2000
8924.3Migration, Queensland, 1996
8926.0Health and Community Services Labour Force, 1996
8930.0Diabetes, Australian Facts 2002, 2002
8931.0National Public Health Expenditure, 2000-01
8932.0Older Australia at a Glance (third edition), 2002
8934.0Heart, Stroke and Vascular Diseases Australian Facts, 2003
8936.0Health and Community Services Labour Force, 2001
8937.5The Social and Emotional Well-Being of Aboriginal Children and Young People, Western Australia, 2000-01
8938.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Reserve Bank of Australia, Mar 2006 Final
8939.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Assets and Liabilities of Financial Institutions, Mar 2006 Final
8940.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Payments Section, Mar 2006 Final
8941.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Money and Credit Statistics, Mar 2006 Final
8942.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Government Finance, Mar 2006 Final
8943.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Financial Markets, Mar 2006 Final
8944.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Prices and Output, Mar 2006 Final
8945.0.55.001Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin: Balance of Payments and External Finance, Mar 2006 Final
8946.0.55.001OECD (A) Production, Mar 2004
8946.0.55.002OECD (B) Trade, Mar 2004
8946.0.55.003OECD (C) Consumer Prices, Mar 2004
8946.0.55.004OECD (D) Money Market, Mar 2004
8946.0.55.005OECD (E) Labour Market, Mar 2004
8946.0.55.006OECD (F) National Accounts, Aug 2004