Statistics by Catalogue Number

11. Directories, catalogues and guides

1100.2Statistics Victoria, Jun 2011
1101.0Catalogue of Publications and Products, 2005
1101.0.30.001Catalogue of Publications and Products on CD-ROM, 2001
1101.1Index of Localities New South Wales, 1993
1102.0Publications and Products Released in January 2002, Jan 2002
1103.2Statistical Geography, 1996
1103.3Discovering North Queensland Statistically, 1995
1107.0.55.001Directory of Energy Statistics, 2000
1109.0Australian Bureau of Statistics Publications to be Released in 2002, 2002
1115.0Catalogue of Australian Statistical Publications, 1804 to 1901
1118.0Directory of Housing Related Statistics, 1991
1123.0Index to the Historical Microfiche Series - Statistical Publications Since Federation, 1901 - 1993
1124.0Publications Released in [Year] on CD-ROM, 2001
1125.0Statistical Skills for Official Statisticians, 2012
1130.0Directory of Tourism Statistics, 2000
1131.0Directory of Superannuation Related Statistics, 1997
1132.0Directory of Transport Statistics, 2000
1134.0Directory of Industrial Relations Statistics, Jul 1996
1135.0Directory of Labour Market and Social Survey Data, 1994
1136.0A Directory of Education and Training Statistics, 2009
1138.0Australian Indigenous Statistics Catalogue on Floppy Disk, 1996
1140.0Directory of Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Statistics, 2001
1142.0Directory of Agricultural and Rural Statistics, 2001
1143.0.55.001Directory of Culture and Leisure Statistics, 2002
1144.0Directory of Mining Statistics, 2002
1146.0Directory of Service Industries Statistics, 2002