Statistics by Catalogue Number

10. Annual reports

1001.0Australian Bureau of Statistics - Annual Report, 2018-19
1002.0Australian Statistics Advisory Council - Annual Report, Latest release
1003.0ABS News for Libraries, Feb 2008
1005.0ABS Corporate Plan, 2021-22
1006.0Australian Bureau of Statistics - Forward Work Program, 2019-20
1008.0ABS Surveys Charter, 2010
1010.0ABS Inclusion and Diversity Strategy, 2018-21
1011.0ABS Reconciliation Action Plan, 2018-21
1014.0Trust in ABS and ABS Statistics - A survey of informed users and the general community, 2020
1015.0Information Paper: Transforming Statistics for the Future, Feb 2016
1016.0.00.001A series of unprecedented events – the June quarter, 2020