6602.0 - Microdata: Longitudinal Labour Force, Australia, 2008-10 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 10/12/2012  First Issue
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      Available Products
      Further Information
      Data available on request
    Survey Methodology
      Concepts, sources and methods
      Sample design
      Data collection
      Population benchmarks
      Estimation method
      Reliability of estimates
    File Structure
      Level structure
      Data availability by level
      Longitudinal structure
      Cross-sectional structure and supplementary data
    Using the CURF
      About the CURF
      Longitudinal analysis
      CURF File Names
      Information Files
    Conditions of Use
      User responsibilities
      Conditions of sale
      How to apply for access
      Further information
    Suggestions and Feedback
    Record Identifiers
      Record ID [ABSRID]
      Household ID [ABSHID]
      Family ID [ABSFID]
      Person ID [ABSPID]
    Month Identifiers
      Survey month ID [ABSMID]
      First month of selection in survey [ABSFMTH]
      Number of months captured in survey [ABSNMTH]
      State or territory of selection and interview [STATSLCE]
      State or territory of usual residence [STATURCE]
      Respondent detail [RESPTYPC]
      Residence status [URSTATC]
      Sex [SEX]
      Age [AGECE]
      Age group [AGECB]
      Social marital status [SOCMARCE]
      Country of birth (SACC 2011) [COBCE]
      Year of arrival [YOACE]
    Household and Family
      Household/Dwelling level characteristics
        Family composition of household [FAMCHHCE]
        Number of people in household (including visitors) [HHNUMWVC]
        Number of usual residents in household (excludes visitors) [HHNUMURC]
      Family level characteristics
        Family composition [FAMCOMCE]
        Number of family members in family [FAMNUMC]
      Person level characteristics
        Relationship in household [RELHHCE]
        Number of children aged 0 to 4 years [FAMNINFC]
        Number of children aged 0 to 14 years [FAMNKIDC]
        Number of dependent students aged 15 to 24 years [FAMNDPSC]
        Number of dependants aged 0 to 24 years [FAMNDEPC]
        Number of non-dependent children aged 15 years and over [FAMNNDPC]
        Age of youngest child [AGEYNGC]
      Educational attendance (full-time) [EDUSTATC]
      Educational enrolment [EDUENROC]
      Type of educational institution [EDINSTCE]
      Highest year of school completed (ASCED 2001) [HYRSCHCE]
      Level of highest non-school qualification (ASCED 2001) [LVHNSQCE]
      Main field of highest non-school qualification (ASCED 2001) [MFHNSQCE]
      Labour force status [LFSTATCE]
      Full-time or part-time status of employment [FTPTEMPC]
      Status in employment [STATEMCE]
      Whether considered job to be casual [JOBCASUC]
      Employment type [EMPTYPCE]
      Whether an independent contractor [INDCONTC]
      Whether held more than one job [MULTJOBC]
    Hours Worked
      Hours worked last week in all jobs [HRSWRKCE]
      Hours worked last week in main job [HRAWMJCE]
      Hours usually worked in all jobs [HRUWAJC]
      Underemployment status [UNDREMPC]
      Reason worked less than 35 hours [ABSENCEC]
      Whether part-time and looking for and available to work more hours [LAMHFUTC]
    Duration of Employment
      Tenure of employment [TENUREC]
      Whether employment is ongoing [ONGOINGC]
    Industry and Occupation
      Sector of main job [SECTRMJC]
      Industry of main/last job (ANZSIC 2006 Division) [IND_06CB]
      Industry of main/last job (ANZSIC 2006 Expanded) [IND_06CE]
      Occupation of main/last job (ANZSCO 2006 Major group) [OCC_06CB]
      Occupation of main/last job (ANZSCO 2006 Sub-major group) [OCC_06CE]
      Trade union membership [TUMMJC]
    Income and Earnings
      Current weekly gross personal income from all sources [WINCALCE]
      Weekly earnings in main job [WINCMJCE]
      Main source of income [PRNINCCE]
      Full-time or part-time status of unemployment [FTPTUNC]
      Whether worked full-time for 2 weeks or more [FTJSTATC]
      Reason for unemployment (basic) [REASUNCB]
      Reason for unemployment (expanded) [REASUNCE]
    Duration of Unemployment
      Duration of unemployment (since any previous work - basic) [DURUNCB]
      Duration of unemployment (since any previous work - expanded) [DURUNCE]
      Duration of unemployment (since any previous full-time work - basic) [DURUNFCB]
      Duration of unemployment (since any previous full-time work - expanded) [DURUNFCE]
    Not in the Labour Force
      Reason for not in the labour force [NLFSTATC]
      Main activity when not in the labour force [NLFMNACC]
      Whether wanted to work [NLFWWRKC]
      Whether available to start work and with marginal attachment [NLFMGATC]
      Reason for ceasing last job [REASNLFC]
      Retirement status [RETSTATC]
      Age intends to retire [RETAGEC]
      Intentions to retire from the labour force [RETPLANC]
    Weighting and Benchmarks
      Weight for the current month [WEIGHT]
      Population count [POPCNTC]