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28/02/11 Reflecting a Nation: Stories from the 2011 Census, February 2011 (cat. no. 2071.0)

Presents commentary and statistical analysis using data from the 2011 Census. Will also feature several historical articles, focussing on the 100 years of Census, from 1911 to 2011. Analysis will be included on the following broad areas of interest: population; cultural diversity; living arrangements; community; education; work; and housing. Articles will be released progressively, with historical articles commencing early in 2011 and analytical outputs commencing in June 2012, when first data from the 2011 Census is released. Commentary will include a focus on the strengths of the population census, in relation to providing information on small population groups and small geographic areas.

24/02/11 Recorded Crime - Offenders, 2009-10 (cat. no. 4519.0)

Offender statistics provide data relating to the number and characteristics of alleged offenders who have been proceeded against by police during the 12 month reference period. This publication provides a profile of alleged offenders, including their age, sex, Indigenous status, principal offence, how often they have been proceeded against by police within the reference period, as well as a count of proceedings that may result in court actions.

22/02/11 Census of Population and Housing: Outcomes from the 2011 Census Output Geography Discussion Paper, 2011 (cat. no. 2911.0.55.003)

This release is the follow up publication to ABS Discussion Paper: Census of Population and Housing - ABS Views on the 2011 Census Output Geography, 2011 (cat. no. 2911.0.55.002). This second papers outlines the feedback received to the first, and the ABS response. It contains the revised matrix of products that will be released by each geographic area.

21/02/11 Schools, Australia, 2010 (cat. no. 4221.0)

This publication contains data on schools, students and in-school staff involved in the provision or administration of primary and secondary education, in government and non-government schools for all Australian states and territories. Schools are classified by level of education (primary, secondary or combined); category (government, non-government); non-government affiliation (catholic or independent). Students are classified by level and year of education, Indigenous status, full-time or part-time status, age at 1 July, category of school and sex. In-school staff are classified by level of school education, category of school and sex. A summary PDF, commentary and data cubes with derived measures of student participation, continuation, progression, retention and ratios of students to teachers will be published on 17 March 2011.

17/02/11 Crime Victimisation, Australia, 2009-10 (cat. no. 4530.0)

This publication presents results from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' (ABS) national Crime Victimisation Survey, conducted from July 2009 to June 2010 using the ABS Multipurpose Household Survey (MPHS). The survey collected data about victims for a selected range of personal and household offences, whether victims reported these incidents to police, characteristics of victims and characteristics of their most recent incident, and people's perceptions on social disorder in their local area. This is the second crime victimisation survey conducted by the ABS since it was redesigned in 2008-09. Time series data is included to compare results with the 2008-09 Crime Victimisation Survey.

01/02/11 Motor Vehicle Census, Australia, 31 Mar 2010 (cat. no. 9309.0)

For each state and territory, the number of vehicles on register by type of vehicle (passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, rigid trucks, articulated trucks, non-freight carrying trucks, buses and motor cycles), year of manufacture, make, gross vehicle mass and fuel type.

13/01/11 Tourist Accommodation, Small Area Data, Tasmania, Sep 2010 (cat. no. 8635.6.55.001)

Contains the results from the on-going quarterly Survey of Tourist Accommodation. Data provide information on the supply of, and demand for, tourist accommodation facilities. Data include number of establishments, capacity and employment for the quarter and occupancy and takings from accommodation for each month; by type of establishment and by star grading.

23/12/10 Quality Management of Statistical Processes Using Quality Gates, Dec 2010 (cat. no. 1540.0)

This Information Paper describes Quality Gates, providing an explanation of each of the six components of Quality Gates, followed by a discussion of the benefits and learnings from the use of gates and a demonstration of how they are used by the ABS.

21/12/10 Attendance at Selected Cultural Venues and Events, Australia, 2009-10 (cat. no. 4114.0)

This publication presents results from the 2009-10 Multipurpose Household Survey (MPHS) on the attendance of people aged 15 years and over at selected cultural venues and events. The survey collected data about the demographic characteristics of those who attended the surveyed venues and events and their frequency of attendance during the 12 month period prior to interview.

21/12/10 Participation in Sport and Physical Recreation, Australia, 2009-10 (cat. no. 4177.0)

This publication presents results from the 2009-10 Multipurpose Household Survey (MPHS) relating to participation in sport and physical recreation. The survey collected data about the characteristics of persons aged 15 years and over who participated in sport and physical recreation activities as players, competitors or persons who physically took part in the activity. People who were involved in non-playing roles, such as coaches, umpires or club officials were excluded from the data.

16/12/10 Experimental Estimates for the Manufacturing Industry, 2008-09 (cat. no. 8159.0)

This information paper contains experimental estimates for the Australian manufacturing industry for the 2008--09 reference period. The experimental estimates presented here use a combination of data directly collected in ABS surveys and data sourced from the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Modelling techniques are applied to combine these two data sources in order to produce experimental estimates at the ANZSIC class level for the data items wages and salaries, sales and service income, industry value added (IVA) and employment. In addition, estimates for state at the ANZSIC subdivision level are also presented for wages and salaries, sales and service income, and employment.

08/12/10 Life Tables, Tasmania, 2007-2009 (cat. no. 3302.6.55.001)

This product contains life tables for males and females resident in Tasmania for the reference period. A life table is a statistical model used to represent mortality of a population. In its simplest form, a life table is generated from age-specific death rates and the resulting values are used to measure mortality, survivorship and life expectancy.