1269.0 - Standard Australian Classification of Countries (SACC), 1998 (Revision 2.03)  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 22/01/2007   
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Contents >> Appendix 1. Supplementary codes

Supplementary codes are used to represent country-like entities and groups of countries (alternative standard groupings and authorised standard output options) which are not part of the main SACC structure, and to process inadequate data in statistical collections. The codes are of five types:

  • Codes commencing with '000' (supplementary codes for inadequate data);
  • Codes commencing with '06' (supplementary codes for economic and other country groups);
  • Codes commencing with '07' (supplementary codes for economic and other entities);
  • Codes commencing with '09' (supplementary codes for former countries and other geographic entities); and
  • Codes ending with '00' or '000' (supplementary codes for the main classification structure).

A fuller explanation of Supplementary Codes and their application is provided in the Supplementary Codes section of the Introduction.

Supplementary Codes for Inadequate Data

0000Inadequately Described
0001At Sea
0003Not Stated
0004Unknown (for use in economic statistics: the destination or origin of the goods is unknown)
0005Unidentified (for use in economic statistics: the country reported on import/export documentation is not recognised)

Supplementary Codes for Economic and other Country Groups

0601Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
0602Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
0603European Economic Area
0604European Union (EU)
0605Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
0606Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
0607South Pacific Regional Trade and Economic Co-operation Agreement (SPARTECA)
0608The Commonwealth
0612Europe and the former USSR
0613Former USSR
0615East Asia

Supplementary Codes for Economic and other Entities

0701Africa, nec
0702Americas, nec
0703Asia, nec
0704Belgium and Luxembourg
0705Central America and the Caribbean (excludes Mexico)
0706Christmas Island
0707Cocos (Keeling) Islands
0708Country Conf. Alumina (a secondary (International Trade specific) confidentiality restriction for exports of alumina to specific countries)
0711Denmark (includes Greenland and Faeroe Islands)
0712Eurodollar Market
0713Europe, nec
0714Falkland Islands (includes South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands)
0715France (includes Andorra and Monaco)
0716French Antilles (Guadeloupe and Martinique)
0717French Southern and Antarctic Territories
0718International Capital Markets
0721International Institutions
0722International Waters (goods placed in the ocean outside any territorial waters or exclusive economic zone)
0723Italy (includes Holy See and San Marino)
0724Johnston and Sand Islands
0725Midway Islands
0726Morocco (includes places under Spanish sovereignty)
0727No Country Details (overseas country detail for exports not available due to a confidentiality restriction)
0728Oceania, nec
0731Other ASEAN
0732Other Asia, nec (excludes ASEAN)
0733Other EU
0734Other Europe
0735Other Europe (excludes EU and OECD)
0736Other OECD
0737Other OECD in Europe
0738Pitcairn Island
0741Reserve Bank Gold (gold, held by the Reserve Bank of Australia as part of reserve assets, that cannot be allocated by country)
0742Ships' and Aircraft Stores (stores, including fuel, loaded onto foreign registered ships and aircraft)
0743Switzerland (includes Liechtenstein)
0744United States Miscellaneous Islands
0745Wake Island
0747Zone of Coop A-Timor Gap (economic cooperation zone in the Timor Gap administered jointly by Australia and Indonesia)

Supplementary Codes for Former Countries and other Geographic Entities

0901New South Wales1101
0904South Australia1101
0905Western Australia1101
0907Northern Territory1101
0908Australian Capital Territory1101
0909Other Territories (Ninth State)1101
0911Europe, nfd0000
0912Former USSR, nfd0000
0913Former Yugoslavia, nfd3200
0914Czechoslovakia, nfd3300
0915Kurdistan, nfd4200
0916East Asia, nfd0000
0917Asia, nfd0000
0918Africa, nfd0000
0921Serbia and Montenegro3200

Supplementary Codes for the Main Classification Structure

1000Oceania and Antarctica, nfd
1100Australia (includes External Territories), nfd
1300Melanesia, nfd
1400Micronesia, nfd
1500Polynesia (excludes Hawaii), nfd
1600Antarctica, nfd
2000North-West Europe, nfd
2100United Kingdom, nfd
2300Western Europe, nfd
2400Northern Europe, nfd
3000Southern and Eastern Europe, nfd
3100Southern Europe, nfd
3200South Eastern Europe, nfd
3300Eastern Europe, nfd
4000North Africa and the Middle East, nfd
4100North Africa, nfd
4200Middle East, nfd
5000South-East Asia, nfd
5100Mainland South-East Asia, nfd
5200Maritime South-East Asia, nfd
6000North-East Asia, nfd
6100Chinese Asia (includes Mongolia), nfd
6200Japan and the Koreas, nfd
7000Southern and Central Asia, nfd
7100Southern Asia, nfd
7200Central Asia, nfd
8000Americas, nfd
8100Northern America, nfd
8200South America, nfd
8300Central America, nfd
8400Caribbean, nfd
9000Sub-Saharan Africa, nfd
9100Central and West Africa, nfd
9200Southern and East Africa, nfd

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