8301.0 - Manufacturing Production, Australia, Sep 2003  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 11/11/2003   
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1 Red meat

Includes veal, pork and buffalo.

2 Chicken meat

Expressed in the dressed weight of whole birds, pieces and giblets.

3 Cheese

Includes fresh cheeses such as ricotta, cottage, cream and quark.

4 Butter

Includes direct butter oil.

5 Beer

Includes ale, stout and porter; excludes low alcohol beer containing less than 1.15% but more than 0.5%, by volume of alcohol.

6 Tobacco and cigarettes

Includes those containing tobacco substitutes.

7 Newsprint

Excludes directory paper, mechanical and printing paper.

8 Wood pulp

Expressed as air-dried weight.

9 Undressed sawn timber

Expressed in terms of green off saw volumes.

10 Hardwood woodchips

Expressed as greenweight; excludes chips which are not sold or are used in own works.

11 Automotive gasoline

Produced by Australian refineries from imported and indigenous petroleum.

12 Fuel oil

Oils derived from the distillation of petroleum which are generally used for domestic heating or fuelling furnaces; produced by Australian refineries from imported and indigenous petroleum.

13 Aviation turbine fuel

Produced by Australian refineries from imported and indigenous petroleum.

14 Automotive diesel oil

Produced by Australian refineries from imported and indigenous petroleum.

15 Portland cement

Includes blended Portland cement. Excludes both Portland cement clinker and Portland cement used to make blended Portland cement in-house.

16 Clay bricks

Saleable bricks (of all sizes) removed from kiln; excludes firebricks and bricks for other than structural purposes.

17 Ready mixed concrete

Excludes production used or for use within the same business.

18 Alumina

Aluminium oxide.

19 Zinc

Primary origin only.

20 Silver


21 Copper

Primary origin only.

22 Lead

Includes lead content of lead from primary sources.

23 Tin

Primary origin only.

24 Gold

From primary and secondary sources.

25 Electricity

Excludes purchases or transfers in of electricity.

26 Gas

Gas (including natural gas) available for issue through mains, including gas production for distribution via natural gas pipelines which service a single user.

A1 Scoured and carbonised wool

Includes scoured and carbonised wool used in further processing (e.g. for wool production of tops). Excludes scoured wool used for carbonising in the same establishment.

A2 Wool and man-made fibre tops

Tops of, or predominantly of, sheep's or lamb's wool or man-made fibres.

A3 Wool yarn

Of, or predominantly of, sheep's or lamb's wool. Excludes elastic or elastomeric.

A4 Cotton yarn

Of, or predominantly of, cotton, of weight less than 2,000 tex. Excludes sewing thread, elastic or elastomeric.

A5 Synthetic fibre yarn

Of, or predominantly of, synthetic fibre. Excludes artificial fibres (e.g. viscose, acetate), sewing thread, elastic or elastomeric.

A6 Wool broadwoven fabric

Of, or predominantly of, sheep's or lamb's wool or fine animal hair. Excludes elastic fabrics.

A7 Cotton broadwoven fabric

Of, or predominantly of, cotton. Excludes gauze and elastic fabrics.

A8 Man-made fibre broadwoven fabric

Of, or predominantly of, man-made fibres. Excludes elastic or tyre cord.

A9 Knitted or crocheted fabrics

Excludes tufted, elastic and elastomeric knitted or crocheted fabrics and parts knitted to shape for garments and other articles.

A10-A12 Textile floor coverings

Consists of carpets, carpeting (excluding underfelt), floor rugs, mats and matting of, or predominantly of, textile materials other than coir, sisal, or other hard fibres. Excludes products designed for automotive purposes.

A13 Men's complete suits

Chest measurement 86cm and over. Of woven fabric; with or without waistcoats. Includes six-way suits; excludes uniforms.

A14 Men's and boys' woven coats

All lengths, of woven fabric. Includes suit coats, sports coats, blazers, structured jackets and those for uniforms; excludes coats as part of 'complete suits', parkas, waterproof coats/jackets, dustcoats and shave coats.

A15 Men's and boys' long trousers

Excludes suit trousers if part of 'complete suits', jeans and waterproof type.

A16 Men's and boys' shorts

Excludes swimshorts and boardshorts designed for swimwear.

A17 Men's and boys' shirts

Excludes sweatshirts and nightshirts.

A18 Women's and girls' woven coats, blazers and jackets

Excludes dustcoats, housecoats, parkas, other waterproof coats/jackets, and those which are part of complete suits or ensembles.

A19 Women's and girls' long trousers

Includes overalls and slacks; excludes suit trousers if part of complete suits or ensembles, jeans and waterproof type.

A20 Women's shirts and blouses

Includes T-shirts and tank tops; excludes sweatshirts and workshirts.

A21-A22 Knitted cardigans, jumpers, sweatshirts and sloppy-joes

Includes those of crocheted fabric. Includes sweaters, pullovers, twin sets, Rugby-style jumpers; excludes jackets for tracksuits, sweatsuits, jogging suits and leisure suits.

A23 Sleepwear

All sizes; of woven, knitted, or crocheted fabric.

A24 Knitted underwear

Includes crocheted. Excludes men's and boys' singlets, and all fashion singlets and T-shirts.

A25 Brassieres

Short and other.

A26 Men's and boys' swimwear

Knitted or woven. Includes boardshorts designed for swimwear.

A27 Women's and girls' swimwear

Knitted or woven.

A28 Long jeans

All sizes.

A29 Knitted complete tracksuits

Knitted or crocheted. Includes sweatsuits, jogging suits, leisure suits and jump suits.

A30 Pantyhose and tights

Excludes leotards and body stockings. Production figures for periods prior to December quarter 1997 exclude pantyhose and tights of 4.4 tex or greater.

A31-A33 Knitted hosiery

Includes crocheted.

A34-A36 Footwear

Includes sheepskin and furskin products; excludes thongs, waterproof footwear (of rubber or plastic) and sports footwear. Men's and women's footwear each comprises size 2 second size range and above; children's footwear comprises sizes below size 2 second size range.

A37 Paperboard containers

Includes corrugated paperboard and paperboard containers.

A38 Superphosphates

Expressed in terms of single super phosphate (9% P equivalent).