5625.0 - Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure, Australia, March 2012 Quality Declaration 
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A summary of the ABS Publications (footnote 1) which capture mining investment is documented below:

8412.0 – Mineral and Petroleum ExplorationQuarterly estimates of capitalised and non-capitalised mineral and petroleum exploration expenditure, including information about metres drilled for mineral exploration. Data is collected on the exploration and evaluation activities of both new and existing deposits. Sample of private enterprises engaged in exploration activity within Australia, Australian waters or in the Joint Petroleum Development Area (JPDA).
5625.0 – Private New Capital Expenditure and Expected Expenditure (Capex)Quarterly estimates of actual and expected capital expenditure on equipment, buildings and structures, reported on a change of ownership basis. Structures and fixed equipment deemed integral to the structure are classified as buildings while all other equipment (mobile equipment) is classed under machinery and equipment.Sample of private businesses who report capital expenditure for all Australian-based activities.
5302.0 – Balance of Payments and International Investment Position (BoP)Quarterly estimates of imports of capital goods: equipment, buildings and structures, are included in the Balance of Goods Debits component ‘Capital Goods n.e.s’. Adjustments are made to take account of any progress payments for equipment, buildings and structures being constructed overseas and to be imported in future quarters, in line with asset recognition on a change of ownership basis. Goods and services components are an aggregation of the monthly figures as released in the 5368.0 publication (last month of quarter).There should not be any discrepancies. However, due to timing issues, preliminary estimates for adjusted mining programs cannot typically be captured and reported by the release of the last month of quarter 5368.0, which therefore requires revisions to the goods debits estimates during processing of the quarterly figures.
5439.0 – International Merchandise Imports (Imports)Monthly statistics produced using Customs data. The full value of imported capital equipment is captured as it is imported into Australia on a merchandise trade (i.e. cif) basis. 5439.0 provides a preliminary estimate of BoP basis goods debits figures and is a useful indicator for the monthly trade figures. However, the estimates are subject to revision before the release of the 5368.0. Monthly import records are provided as administrative data from the Customs and Border Protection Service. Reported data in the tables are on a 'merchandise trade' basis, i.e. included at the time of clearance of import declarations. Capital imports, buildings, structures, etc. will therefore not be reported until items are physically imported and processed by Customs.
8762.0 – Engineering Construction Activity (ECA)Quarterly estimates of the value of engineering construction activity undertaken in Australia, for work done on prime contract or own use only. The value of an imported structure is captured in the ‘work to be done’ figures until it is imported and installed, at which point the full value plus installation costs are recognised in the ‘work done’ figure for the quarter. This can result in significant volatility in the ECA series as opposed to Capex and BoP. Data are collected from both the public and private sector. Information is obtained from the contractors involved in the project (supply-side).
8752.0 – Building Activity Survey (BAS)Quarterly estimates of building activity including the construction of new buildings and alterations and/or additions to existing buildings. Buildings are classified according to their intended major function, and the type of work involved.
Data are collected from the public and private sectors. Non-building activity is captured in the Engineering Construction Activity publication. Information is obtained from the contractors involved in the project (supply-side).
5368.0 – International Trade in Goods and Services (ITGS)Monthly estimates of progressive payments accounting for capital expenditure on large-scale mining programs are included in the Balance of Payments goods debits component capital goods n.e.s. Progressive payments attempt to capture the actual transfer of ownership between residents and non-residents.Monthly estimates are compiled using merchandise trade data and adjusted to meet BoP standards, primarily the recognition of change of ownership.
5206.0 – Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product (National Accounts)This quarterly publication includes estimates of gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) as part of total expenditure. GFCF measures the value of acquisitions less disposals of new or existing fixed assets. Most capital expenditure is recorded under private non-dwelling construction and machinery and equipment. The quarterly estimates are extrapolated from the annual National Accounts estimates (5204.0), using various indicators. The quarterly machinery and equipment figures are estimated using data from Capex; while buildings and structures data is based on ECS and BACS information, adjusted using BoP data to account for progressive change in ownership of structures to be imported.

      1 Please refer to the explanatory notes for each publication (available on the ABS website) for further information. <back