5506.0 - Taxation Revenue, Australia, 2013-14 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 13/05/2015   
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Employers' payroll taxes

Taxes collected from employers, levied either as a proportion of payroll or as a fixed amount per person employed.

Excises and levies

Taxes levied on a specified good, or range of goods, intended for domestic consumption other than taxes levied exclusively on the importation of goods. Excises may be imposed at any stage of production or distribution and the assessment for tax may take into account such factors as weight, strength, quantity or value of the goods. Excises are not limited to those taxes collected under Excise Acts and include taxes on electricity, gas and agricultural production. Includes levies on statutory corporations.

Motor vehicle taxes

Taxes levied on the operation of motor vehicles whether paid by households or corporations. These imposts are treated as taxes, rather than regulatory fees, because of the significant amount of revenue they generate. Excludes taxes on third party insurance which are included in taxes on insurance.

Taxes on financial and capital transactions

Taxes on the issue, transfer, purchase and sale of securities, taxes on cheques, and taxes levied on specific legal transactions such as validation of contracts and the sale of immovable property.

Taxes on gambling

Taxes levied on gambling and betting stakes. Includes taxes on lottery tickets, poker machines, casinos, racing and football pools. The taxes may be collected either from the gambler as a percentage of his/her stake or from entities providing the gambling service either as a licence fee or percentage of their gross income from gambling. Excludes taxes on individual gains from gambling.

Taxes on immovable property

Taxes levied in respect of the use or ownership of immovable property. Includes land taxes and rates.

Taxes on insurance

Taxes levied specifically on insurance services. Includes taxes levied on insurance premiums and contributions collected to finance services which reduce insurable risk.

Taxes on international trade

Taxes and stamp duties levied on specified imported or exported goods. Excludes taxes collected on imports as part of a general tax on goods, and excises applicable to both imported and domestically produced goods.

Taxes on property

Taxes on the use or ownership of property, and taxes on property transfers. Includes taxes on immovable property and taxes on financial and capital transactions.

Taxes on the provision of goods and services

Taxes levied on the production, sale, transfer, leasing or delivery of goods and rendering of services. Excludes taxes levied on the use of goods or on permission to use goods or to perform activities. From 1 July 2000 includes GST revenue receivable by the Commonwealth Government, gross of the cost of collection but net of input tax credits payable.

Taxes on use of goods and performance of activities

Taxes levied on the use of goods and taxes levied in respect of permission to perform activities. Excludes taxes levied on the value or quantity of the goods themselves which are included in Taxes on the provision of goods and services.