5256.0 - Australian National Accounts: Non-Profit Institutions Satellite Account, 1999-2000  
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International Classification of Nonprofit Organisations

The International Classification of Non-Profit Organisations (ICNPO) is the recommended classification for NPIs in the Handbook on Nonprofit Institutions in the System of National Accounts, published by the United Nations and the Center for Civil Society at the John Hopkins University. It is fundamentally an activity classification system, although some purpose criteria have been included where activities are similar.

Group 1: Culture and Recreation
1 100 Culture and Arts

Media and communications. Production and dissemination of information and communication; includes radio and TV stations; publishing of books, journals, newspapers, and newsletters; film production; and libraries.

Visual arts, architecture, ceramic art. Production, dissemination, and display of visual arts and architecture; includes sculpture, photographic societies, painting, drawing, design centers, and architectural associations.

Performing arts.Performing arts centers, companies, and associations; includes theater, dance, ballet, opera,orchestras, chorals, and music ensembles.

Historical, literary, and humanistic societies. Promotion and appreciation of the humanities, preservation of historical and cultural artifacts, and commemoration of historical events; includes historical societies, poetry and literary societies, language associations, reading promotion, war memorials, and commemorative funds and associations.

Museums. General and specialized museums covering art, history, sciences, technology, and culture.

Zoos and aquariums. Zoological and botanical gardens, and acquariums.

1 200 Sports

Provision of amateur sport, training, physical fitness, and sport competition services and events; includes fitness and wellness centers.

1 300 Other Recreation and Social Clubs

Recreation and social clubs. Provision of recreational facilities and services to individuals and communities; includes playground associations, country clubs, men's and women's clubs, touring clubs, and leisure clubs.

Service clubs. Membership organisations providing services to members and local communities, for example: Lions, Zonta International, Rotary Club, and Kiwanis.

Group 2: Education and Research
2 100 Primary and Secondary Education

Elementary, primary, and secondary education. Education at elementary, primary, and secondary levels; includes pre-school organisations other than day care.

2 200 Higher Education

Higher education. Higher learning, providing academic degrees; includes universities, business management schools, law schools, medical schools.

2 300 Other Education

Vocational/technical schools. Technical and vocational training specifically geared towards gaining employment; includes trade schools, paralegal training, secretarial schools.

Adult/continuing education. Institutions engaged in providing education and training in addition to the formal educational system; includes schools of continuing studies, correspondence schools, night schools, and sponsored literacy and reading programs.

2 400 Research

Medical research. Research in the medical field; includes research on specific diseases, disorders, or medical disciplines.

Science and technology. Research in the physical and life sciences, and engineering and technology.

Social sciences, policy studies. Research and analysis in the social sciences and policy area.

Group 3: Health
3 100 Hospitals and Rehabilitation

Hospitals. Primarily inpatient medical care and treatment.

Rehabilitation. Inpatient health care and rehabilitative therapy to individuals suffering from physical impairments due to injury, genetic defect, or disease and requiring extensive physiotherapy or similar forms of care.

3 200 Nursing Homes

Nursing homes. Inpatient convalescent care, residential care, as well as primary health care services; includes homes for the frail elderly and nursing homes for the severely handicapped.

3 300 Mental Health and Crisis Intervention

Psychiatric hospitals. Inpatient care and treatment for the mentally ill.

Mental health treatment. Outpatient treatment for mentally ill patients; includes community mental health centers, and halfway homes.

Crisis intervention. Outpatient services and counsel in acute mental health situations; includes suicide preventionand support to victims of assault and abuse.

3 400 Other Health Services

Public health and wellness education. Public health promotion and health education; includes sanitation screening for potential health hazards, first aid training and services, and family planning services.

Health treatment, primarily outpatient. Organisations that provide primarily outpatient health services such as health clinics and vaccination centers.

Rehabilitative medical services. Outpatient therapeutic care; includes nature cure centers, yoga clinics, and physical therapy centers.

Emergency medical services. Services to persons in need of immediate care; includes ambulatory services and paramedical emergency care, shock/trauma programs, lifeline programs, and ambulance services.

Group 4: Social Services
4 100 Social Services

Child welfare, child services, and day care. Services to children, adoption services, child development centers, foster care; includes infant care centers and nurseries.

Youth services and youth welfare. Services to youth; includes delinquency prevention services, teen pregnancy prevention, drop-out prevention, youth centers and clubs, and job programs for youth; includes YMCA, YWCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Family services. Services to families; includes family life/parent education, single parent agencies and services, and family violence shelters and services.

Services for the handicapped. Services for the handicapped; includes homes, other than nursing homes, transport facilities, recreation, and other specialized services.

Services for the elderly. Organisations providing geriatric care; includes in-home services, homemaker services,transport facilities, recreation, meal programs, and other services geared towards senior citizens. (Does not include residential nursing homes.)

Self-help and other personal social services. Programs and services for self-help and personal development; includes support groups, personal counseling, and credit counseling/money management services.

4 200 Emergency and Relief

Disaster/emergency prevention and control. Organisations that work to prevent, predict, control, and alleviate the effects of disasters, to educate or otherwise prepare individuals to cope with the effects of disasters, or to provide relief to disaster victims; includes volunteer fire departments, life boat services, etc.

Temporary shelters. Organisations providing temporary shelters to the homeless; includes travelers aid and temporary housing.

Refugee assistance. Organisations providing food, clothing, shelter, and services to refugees and immigrants.

4 300 Income Support and Maintenance

Income support and maintenance. Organisations providing cash assistance and other forms of direct services to persons unable to maintain a livelihood.

Material assistance. Organisations providing food, clothing, transport, and other forms of assistance; includes food banks and clothing distribution centers.

Group 5: Environment
5 100 Environment

Pollution abatement and control. Organisations that promote clean air, clean water, reducing and preventing noise pollution, radiation control, treatment of hazardous wastes and toxic substances, solid waste management, and recycling programs.

Natural resources conservation and protection. Conservation and preservation of natural resources, including land, water, energy, and plant resources for the general use and enjoyment of the public.

Environmental beautification and open spaces. Botanical gardens, arboreta, horticultural programs and landscape services; organisations promoting anti-litter campaigns; programs to preserve the parks, green spaces, and open spaces in urban or rural areas; and city and highway beautification programs

5 200 Animal Protection

Animal protection and welfare. Animal protection and welfare services; includes animal shelters and humane societies.

Wildlife preservation and protection. Wildlife preservation and protection; includes sanctuaries and refuges.

Veterinary services. Animal hospitals and services providing care to farm and household animals and pets.

Group 6: Development and Housing
6 100 Economic, Social, and Community Development

Community and neighborhood organisations. Organisations working towards improving the quality of life within communities or neighborhoods, e.g. squatters' associations, local development organisations, poor people's cooperatives.

Economic development. Programs and services to improve economic infrastructure and capacity; includes building of infrastructure like roads; and financial services such as credit and savings associations, entrepreneurial programs, technical and managerial consulting, and rural development assistance.

Social development. Organisations working towards improving the institutional infrastructure and capacity to alleviate social problems and to improve general public well being.

6 200 Housing

Housing associations. Development, construction, management, leasing, financing, and rehabilitation of housing.

Housing assistance. Organisations providing housing search, legal services, and related assistance.

6 300 Employment and Training

Job training programs. Organisations providing and supporting apprenticeship programs, internships, on-the-job training, and other training programs.

Vocational counseling and guidance. Vocational training and guidance, career counseling, testing, and related services.

Vocational rehabilitation and sheltered workshops. Organisations that promote self-sufficiency and income generation through job training and employment.

Group 7: Law, Advocacy, and Politics
7 100 Civic and Advocacy Organisations

Advocacy organisations. Organisations that protect the rights and promote the interests of specific groups of people, e.g., the physically handicapped, the elderly, children, and women.

Civil rights associations. Organisations that work to protect or preserve individual civil liberties and human rights.

Ethnic associations. Organisations that promote the interests of, or provide services to, members belonging to a specific ethnic heritage.

Civic associations. Programs and services to encourage and spread civic mindedness.

7 200 Law and Legal Services

Legal services. Legal services, advice, and assistance in dispute resolution and court-related matters.

Crime prevention and public policy. Crime prevention to promote safety and precautionary measures among citizens.

Rehabilitation of offenders. Programs and services to reintegrate offenders; includes halfway houses, probation and parole programs, prison alternatives.

Victim support. Services, counsel, and advice to victims of crime.

Consumer protection associations. Protection of consumer rights, and the improvement of product control and quality.

7 300 Political Organisations

Political parties and organisations. Activities and services to support the placing of particular candidates into political office; includes dissemination of information, public relations, and political fundraising.

Group 8: Philanthropic Intermediaries and Voluntarism Promotion
8 100 Grant-making Foundations

Grant-making foundations. Private foundations; including corporate foundations, community foundations, and independent public-law foundations.

8 200 Other Philanthropic Intermediaries and Voluntarism Promotion

Volunteerism promotion and support. Organisations that recruit, train, and place volunteers and promote volunteering.

Fund-raising organisations. Federated, collective fundraising organisations; includes lotteries.

Group 9: International
9 100 International Activities

Exchange/friendship/cultural programs. Programs and services designed to encourage mutual respect and friendship internationally.

Development assistance associations. Programs and projects that promote social and economic development abroad.

International disaster and relief organisations

Organisations that collect, channel, and provide aid to other countries during times of disaster or emergency.

International human rights and peace organisations

Organisations which promote and monitor human rights and peace internationally.

Group 10: Religion
10 100 Religious Congregations and Associations


Churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, shrines, monasteries, seminaries, and similar organisations promoting religious beliefs and administering religious services and rituals.

Associations of congregations. Associations and auxiliaries of religious congregations and organisations supporting and promoting religious beliefs, services and rituals.

Group 11: Business and Professional Associations, and Unions
11 100 Business Associations

Business associations. Organisations that work to promote, regulate, and safeguard the interests of special branches of business, e.g., manufacturers' association, farmers' association, bankers' association.

11 200 Professional Associations

Professional associations

Organisations promoting, regulating, and protecting professional interests, e.g. bar association, medical association.

11 300 Unions

Labour unions. Organisations that promote, protect, and regulate the rights and interests of employees.

Group 12: [Not Elsewhere Classified]
12 100 N.E.C.

All other non-profit organisations.

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