5209.0.55.001 - Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables, 2009-10 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 20/09/2013   
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The 2009-10 Input-Output (I-O) tables are based on the 2012 version of the IOIG, IOIG(2012). IOIG(2012) has 3 additional IOIGs from the 2009 version.

IOIG(2009) 7201 'Building Cleaning Pest Control, Administration and Other Support Services' has been split into IOIG(2012) 7210 'Employment, Travel Agency and Other Administrative Services' and IOIG(2012) 7310 'Building, Cleaning, Pest Control and Other Support Services'.

IOIG(2009) 8001 'Education and Training' has been split into IOIG(2012) 8010 'Primary and Secondary Education Services (including Pre-Schools and Special Schools)', IOIG(2012) 8110 'Technical, Vocational and Tertiary Education Services (including undergraduate and postgraduate)', and IOIG(2012) 8210 'Arts, Sports, Adult and Other Education Services (including Community Education)'.


The 2009-10 I-O tables are based on the 2012 version of the IOPC.

New products in IOPC(2012):

  • 01120020 'Orchard and Vineyard growing';
  • 03020030 'Logging services';
  • 27000010 'Other gas service income';
  • 80201980 'General government consumption of fixed capital (8010-8024)';
  • 81021980 'General government consumption of fixed capital (8101-8102)'.

Changed descriptors in IOPC(2012):
  • 06000010 'Black Coal';
  • 06000020 'Brown coal-lignite';
  • 17090080 'Chloroform and other halomethanes'.

Products changed in IOPC(2012):
  • IOPC(2009) 07000040 'Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases ...' has been split into IOPC(2012) 07000041 'Liquified petroleum gases from the well head', IOPC(2012) 07000050 'Coal seam gas', and IOPC(2012) 07000060 'Other naturally occurring gases';
  • IOPC(2009) 11200020 'Frozen whole fish, fish fillets and fish meat, fish loaf, cake balls ...' has been split into IOPC(2012) 11200021 'Frozen whole fish, fillets and fish meat, fish loaf ...', and IOPC(2012) 11200022 'Fresh or chilled whole cleaned fish, fillets and fish meat';
  • IOPC(2009) 11330030 'Buttermilk' has been split into IOPC(2012) '11330031 Buttermilk (excl cultured)', and IOPC(2012) 11330032 'Powdered skim milk';
  • IOPC(2009) 11920010 'Dog and cat food (excl canned)' and IOPC(2009) 11920020 'Dog and cat food, canned' have been combined in IOPC(2012) 11920011 'Dog and cat food';
  • IOPC(2009) 12110030 'Mineral waters and aerated waters, sweetened or flavoured, canned', and IOPC(2009) 12110040 'Mineral waters and aerated waters, sweetened or flavoured, bottled', have been combined into IOPC(2012) 12110031 'Soft drinks (including flavoured or sweetened miner waters)';
  • IOPC(2009) 12120010 'Beer, ale and stout, bottled' and IOPC(2009) 12120020 'Beer, ale and stout, canned' were combined into IOPC(2012) 12120011 'Beer, ale and stout, bottled and canned';
  • IOPC(2009) 17010030 'Gas oil or fuel oil (excl motor spirit and kerosene)' has been split into IOPC(2012) 17010031 'Petrodiesel' and IOPC(2012) 17010032 'Gas oil or fuel oils nec (excl motor spirit and kerosene)';
  • IOPC(2009) 24210060 'Printers and plotters', IOPC(2009) 24210080 'Photocopying machines and parts', IOPC(2009) 24210090 'Electronic machines with a calculating device ...', IOPC(2009) 24210100 'Typewriters, word processors, addressing machines, EFTPOS machines ...', and IOPC(2009) 24210120 'Office machines, parts and accessories nec' were combined into IOPC(2012) 24210061 'Printing and photocopying machinery and parts', and IOPC(2012) 24210121 'EFTPOS machines, cash registers, coin counting machinery ...';
  • IOPC(2009) 24220020 'Radio and television studio equipment (incl cameras), transmitters, radio transceivers, mobile, cellular and car phones' has been split into IOPC(2012) 24220021 'Mobile phones and other phones (excl parts)' and IOPC(2012) 24220022 'Radio and television studio equipment ...';
  • IOPC(2009) 82190010 'NPISH-provided adult, community and other education services' and IOPC(2009) 82190020 'Other adult, community and other education services' were combined to IOPC(2012) 82190011 'Adult, community and other education services';
  • IOPC(2009) 85390010 'NPISH-provided other allied health services' and IOPC(2009) 85390020 'Other allied health services n.e.c.' were combined to IOPC(2012) 853900100 'Other allied health services n.e.c.';
  • IOPC(2009) 87900010 'NPISH-provided other social assistance services ...' and IOPC(2009) 87900020 'Other social assistance services ...' were combined to IOPC(2012) 87900011 'Other social assistance services n.e.c.';
  • IOPC(2009) 91120020 'NPISH-provided sport and physical recreation club operation' and IOPC(2009) 91120030 'Other sport and physical recreation club operation' were combined to IOPC(2012) 91120021 'Sport and physical recreation club operation';
  • IOPC(2009) 91140010 'NPISH-provided sport and physical recreation administration services' and IOPC(2009) 91140020 'Other sport and physical recreation administrative services' were combined to IOPC(2012) 91140011 'Sport and physical recreation administrative services'.

IOPC(2009) products deleted in IOPC(2012):
  • 17090090 'Carbon Tetrachloride'.


Data in the 2009–10 I-O tables has again been been reconciled against the Energy Account, Australia Hybrid (Physical, monetary energy use) table, continuing the process that began with the 2008-09 tables. Data has been reconciled for each energy product at the level of Total Intermediate Use, as well as for HFCE and exports.

A number of adjustments were made to the Australian production of mining commodities, including Black Coal, Liquefied Natural Gas, Natural gas (in the gaseous state), and Brown coal–ignite as a result of the data reconciliation between existing data sources (AIC and State Mines data) and the Energy Accounts. Some minor adjustments to mining commodity trade data were also applied to reflect National Accounts treatment of economic activity in the Timor Seas.

The Margin and Total intermediate use of Electricity transmission, distribution and on-selling and the total intermediate use of LNG have also been adjusted.