2902.0 - Census Update (Newsletter), Aug 2002  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 08/11/2002   
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    Basic Community Profiles - The best start to your use of Census data

    A Basic Community Profile (BCP) brings together a wide range of census data for an area, and compiles it into a convenient package of tables. With the majority of key census characteristics in the one product, it’s a great starting point for anyone using census information.

    The 2001 Census BCP contains 33 tables of census data for persons, families and dwellings. 21 tables (B1-B21) are available from the first release of data (17 June 2002), with the remaining 12 tables to follow with the second
    release of data in November 2002.

    BCPs are excellent tools for research, planning and analysis of areas across Australia, and enable comparisons of geographic areas for a number of social, economic and demographic variables.

    How can I access BCPs?

    The BCP for the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) main structure down to Statistical Local Areas (SLAs) can be downloaded for free from the ABS web site. SLAs are aggregates of Collection Districts, and provide small area data to suit the majority of census users.

    BCPs for Collection Districts can be purchased via the ABS web site for $10 per geographical area selected or through ABS Information Consultancy for $10 plus a labour charge component.

    BCPs for geography outside the ASGC structure are also available - i.e. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Regions, Indigenous Areas and Locations; State and Commonwealth Electoral Divisions; Suburbs and Postal Areas.
    BCPs for these non-ASGC areas can also be purchased via the ABS web site for $10 per geographical area selected. If you do not have access to the web site, you may submit orders through ABS Information Consultancy for $10 plus a labour charge component.

    What data are available?

    (First Release Processing)

    B01 Selected Characteristics
    B02 State of Usual Residence on Census Nightby Sex
    B03 Age by Sex
    B04 Age by Registered Marital Status by Sex
    B05 Ancestry by Birthplace of Parents (New!)
    B06 Birthplace (Countries) by Sex
    B07 Birthplace (Regions) by Sex
    B08 Language Spoken at Home by Sex
    B09 Proficiency In Spoken English by Year of Arrivalin Australia
    B10 Religious Affiliation by Sex
    B11 Type of Educational Institution Attending(Full- time/Part-time) by Sex
    B12 Highest Level of Schooling Completed by Sex
    B13 Weekly Individual Income by Age by Sex
    B14 Relationship in Household by Age by Sex
    B15 Age by Computer Use by Sex (New!)
    B16 Internet Use by Sex (New!)
    B17 Family Type (Brought forward from second release!)
    B18 Dwelling Structure
    B19 Dwelling Structure by Tenure Type andLandlord Type
    B20 Monthly Housing Loan Repayment
    B21 Weekly Rent by Landlord Type


    Census Snapshots are ready-made summaries of the 2001 Census data for selected areas. These “Snapshots”, ideal for the occasional user of Census data, are extracted from the BCPs and are available free from the ABS web site. The narrative format of Snapshots makes them perfect for inclusion in news articles, school assignments and projects.

    These summaries include information on Census Counts, People of Indigenous Origin, Age, Registered Marital Status, Ancestry, Birthplace, Language Spoken at Home, Income, Computer and Internet Use, Families and Households, Dwellings and summary tables.

    Snapshots are available for Australia; States and Territories; Capital City Statistical Divisions; and Statistical Local Areas. A 1901 Snapshot for all of Australia and some States is also available to celebrate the Centenary of Federation.

    You can access Census Snapshots via the census pages of the web site by selecting your area of interest from
    the “drill-down” map or area name list.

    Turn to pages 10–11 to view the Census Snapshot for Australia.

    STEP by STEP Guide to accessing BCPs and Snapshots

    Step one
    Log onto the Census pages of the ABS web site at www.abs.gov.au/census and then click on FREE DATA
    Step two
    Click on the heading Basic Community Profiles and Snapshots
    Step three
    Click either “by MAP” or “by NAME”
    Step four
    Select area required

    Remember that BCPs within the “by MAP” navigator are all free of charge except for Collection Districts. BCPs within the “by NAME” navigator are only free of charge in the Main Structure (ASGC) list and only down to Statistical Local Areas. Other area lists eg Local Government Areas, State Suburbs, etc, all incur charges.

    “Twisties” are used in a number of web pages and in the selection of areas by Name. Twisties (blue triangle) are icons which when clicked on, expand or collapse the available topics. Please ensure that you click directly on the arrow to expand or collapse until you reach the level in which you are interested.