2007.0.55.001 - Census of Population and Housing: Submissions Report, 2016  
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Submissions on topics recommended for exclusion in November 2012 Consultation information paper

5.1 The 2012 ABS Consultation information paper, Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Content and Procedures, 2016 (cat. no. 2007.0) described the topics to be included in the 2016 Census under four categories: those recommended to be retained, those recommended to be reviewed, those recommended to be excluded and new topics to be considered for inclusion. These were the preliminary categories specified in the 2012 ABS Consultation information paper prior to public consultation.

5.2 Below is a summary of the key themes emerging from submissions received on topics recommended for exclusion. Please note that topics on which there were no submissions are not referred to in this paper. For references to the 2011 Census questions by topic, please see Appendix 1: 2011 Census Household Form questions in the Explanatory Notes of this publication.

Community Development Employment program (CDEP)
5.3 The 2012 ABS Consultation information paper noted that this topic does not provide a national measure of participation in the CDEP program as data are only collected from selected discrete Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The ABS considers that the significant changes made to the structure of the program since 2009 limit the comparability of the Census time series and utility of this data. Submissions were therefore sought within this context.

5.4 Four submissions were received on this topic. They all supported the exclusion of the question from the 2016 Census due to the phasing out the CDEP program.

Employment type
5.5 In the 2012 ABS Consultation information paper, it was proposed that following a review of labour statistics standards, the employment type and status in employment classifications be combined into a single output classification and the information will continue to be available from status in employment output (pending a decision on its priority). Submissions were therefore sought within this context.

5.6 Four submissions were received on this topic. Two of the four supported exclusion on the basis of the proposal. One supported inclusion of this topic in the 2016 Census and it was unclear from the other submission whether it supported exclusion or not, but the submitter was seeking to identity different employment types.

Number of children ever born
5.7 In its 2012 Consultation information paper, the ABS recommended that this topic return to being collected on a 10-yearly cycle and consequently proposed its exclusion from the 2016 Census.

5.8 Eleven submissions were received, with equal numbers in favour of this topic being conducted five-yearly and 10-yearly. One submission requested that this topic be retained in the 2016 Census and revert to a 10-yearly cycle in 2021. Requests were also made to collect similar data from males to measure male fertility rates and to expand the collection to include stillborn children.

Number of motor vehicles garaged
5.9 The ABS recommended in its 2012 Consultation information paper that this topic be considered for removal from the 2016 Census due to its limited current use as a transport indicator and the fact that the Motor Vehicle Census may meet user requirements. Strong justification for its continued inclusion was therefore sought.

5.10 Ten submissions were received on this topic. All but one submission supported retention, with submitters providing numerous reasons for inclusion. The main reasons were its use in transport planning, land use planning and other policy measures aimed at improving the sustainability of our cities. The submission supporting exclusion considered this topic as a lower priority. One submitter requested that the question revert to its wording in the 2001 Census when motorbikes and motor scooters were included.