1370.0 - Measures of Australia's Progress, 2010  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 15/09/2010   
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People can benefit in many ways from participation in cultural and leisure activities. Participation in these activities can enhance community cohesion. Cultural activities are seen as a valuable forum for social examination and debate, and a means of fostering the creativity, innovation, and dialogue necessary for economic development. Many leisure activities also bring about personal health benefits by providing relaxation and physical activity. Encouraging involvement in culture and leisure activities is seen as an important element in strategies aimed at maintaining and improving the overall wellbeing of Australians.

Whilst culture and leisure is not a headline dimension, it is a supplementary dimension because of its relevance to whether life in Australia is getting better.

The concept of culture and leisure allows us to acknowledge some inherent aspects of human nature, such as our need for identity, our creativity, history, attunement to aesthetic meaning, spirituality and our propensity for play and enjoyment. Given the wide variety of concepts covered in this dimension, it is difficult to select summary indicators that can adequately assess progress in this area. One measure of progress might focus on our freedom to express our cultural identity, who we are and to celebrate our cultural differences. Another might measure our ability and willingness to interact with other cultures, or to participate in the arts, and in sport and recreational activities. Currently, there are no indicators available to measure these concepts.

Three supplementary indicators are included relating to participation and attendance in the arts, and in sport and leisure activities.

Further information is also provided on free time and volunteering in sport and culture.

For a full list of definitions used in culture and leisure, please see the Culture and leisure glossary.


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