6102.0 - Labour Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2001  
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    Chapter 1. Overview of Labour Statistics
    Concepts and Sources
      Chapter 2. Currently Economically Active Population
      Chapter 3. Employment
      Chapter 4. Employment Measures and Classifications
      Chapter 5. Underemployment
      Chapter 6. Unemployment
      Chapter 7. Not In the Labour Force
      Chapter 8. Usually Economically Active Population
      Chapter 9. Other Measures of the Economically Active Population
      Chapter 10. Job Vacancies
      Chapter 11. Earnings, Employee Compensation, Labour Costs and Related Statistics
      Chapter 12. Industrial Relations
      Chapter 13. Labour Productivity
      Chapter 14. Occupational Injuries and Diseases
      Chapter 15. Other Classifications Used in Labour Statistics
      Chapter 16. Overview of Survey Methods
      Household Surveys
        Chapter 17. Methods Used in ABS Household Surveys
        Chapter 18. The Australian Census of Population and Housing
        Chapter 19. Labour Force Survey
        Chapter 20. Labour Force Supplementary Surveys
          20.1. Career Experience
          20.2. Employee Earnings, Benefits and Trade Union Membership
          20.3. Forms of Employment
          20.4. Job Search Experience of Unemployed Persons
          20.5. Labour Force Experience
          20.6. Labour Force Status and Other Characteristics of Migrants
          20.7. Labour Mobility
          20.8. Locations of Work
          20.9. Multiple Job Holders
          20.10. Persons Not In the Labour Force
          20.11. Retirement and Retirement Intentions
          20.12. Retrenchment and Redundancy
          20.13. Successful and Unsuccessful Job Search Experience
          20.14. Underemployed Workers
          20.15. Work Related Injuries
          20.16. Working Arrangements
        Chapter 21. Survey of Employment Arrangements and Superannuation
        Chapter 22. Survey of Employment and Unemployment Patterns
      Business Surveys
        Chapter 23. Methods Used in ABS Business Surveys
        Chapter 24. Industrial Disputes Collection
        Chapter 25. Job Vacancies Survey
        Chapter 26. Labour Costs Survey
        Chapter 27. Survey of Average Weekly Earnings
        Chapter 28. Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours
        Chapter 29. Survey of Employment and Earnings
        Chapter 30. Wage Cost Index
        Chapter 31. Economic Activity Survey
    List of Abbreviations