4652.5 - Domestic Use of Water and Energy, WA, Oct 2006  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 19/04/2007  First Issue
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Area of usual residence

A person’s area of usual residence as classified by the Statistical Region structure in the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC). The classification divides WA into two Major Statistical Regions – the Perth Statistical Division and the Balance of WA. For further information refer to Australian Standard Geographical Classification (cat. no. 1216.0)

Bore water

A source of groundwater brought to the surface by pump or windmill. Households can access bore water from a single household bore (used by one household only) or as a shared bore (more than one other adjoining households or properties).

Brick veneer

Brick veneer walls consist of a single external layer of brickwork, with a lined stud frame inside.

Dual flush toilet

A toilet that allows the volume in the cistern to be half or fully flushed. It may have two separate buttons, or one button or lever that is pushed down for full flush and up for half flush.

Evaporative air conditioner

These air conditioners draw outdoor air through a water filtration system whereby some heat from the air is absorbed through water evaporation. The cooled air is then redirected indoors.

Flat, unit or apartment

All dwellings in blocks of flats, units or apartments. These dwellings usually share a common entrance foyer or stairwell. This category also includes flats attached to houses such as granny flats, and houses converted into two or more flats.

Flued gas heater

A flued gas heater is connected to a chimney allowing excess gas to be vented from a room. It usually cannot be moved, such as being fixed into a fire place.

Front loading washing machine

An automatic washing machine that is loaded from the front.

Gardens or lawns

Private gardens or lawns attached to a dwelling.

Hot water system

A device used for heating water in a dwelling.


A group of residents of a dwelling who share common facilities and meals or who consider themselves to be a household. It is possible for a dwelling to contain more than one household, for example, where regular provision is made for groups to take meals separately and where persons consider their household to be separate.

Instantaneous hot water system

Instantaneous hot water systems heat only the water required and do not use a storage tank.

Mains water supply

Water supplied to a user often through a non-natural network (piped/open channel or other carrier), and where an economic transaction has occurred for the exchange of water. Sometimes referred to as town water supply.


Material that is put on the surface of the soil in gardens in order to reduce water evaporation and control weeds. Examples of types of mulch include grass clippings, wood chips, straw, hay and newspaper.

Normal flow shower head

A shower head that does not have a water efficient or low flow device fitted to it.

Portable air conditioner

A portable air conditioner can be moved from one location to another. It is often on wheels.

Portable unflued gas heater

A portable unflued gas heater is an appliance connected to the wall via a hose with a bayonet fitting. It may also have a power connection.

Rain water tank

A tank used to store rain water.

Refrigerated air conditioner

These air conditioners cool indoor air by blowing it over a refrigeration coil and then redirecting it indoors. The refrigeration coil is cooled externally by a fan or by natural convection using outdoor air.

Region of usual residence

A person’s region of usual residence as classified by the Statistical Region (SR) structure in the ASGC. It divides WA into seven SRs for the purpose of providing regional statistical output. For further information refer to Australian Standard Geographical Classification (cat. No. 1216.0) and Information Paper: Regional Labour Force Statistics, September 1997 (cat. No. 6262.0).

Reticulation system

A reticulation system provides a complete watering supply to your garden. It usually consists of a network of underground pipes connected to sprinklers.

Re-use of water

Includes a broad range of practices undertaken by households to re-use water from in and around the house for the purpose of watering the garden. Examples could include using sophisticated recycled water systems, collecting water from running a shower, or pouring leftover water from water bottles and vases onto gardens or lawns.

Reverse cycle air conditioner

Reverse cycle air conditioners are a type of refrigerated air conditioner that can also be used for space heating. The temperature can be varied between warm and cool settings.

Roof or ceiling insulation

Roof or ceiling insulation can help keep the home at a constant temperature by minimising heat transfer from the roof . There are a variety of products available, including fibreglass, rockwool and natural wool based batts. All have different acoustic and thermal insulation properties.

Safety switches

A device which will switch off the electrical power if a short circuit is detected. They are usually solid state electronic devices and can provide a greater level of protection from faulty electrical wiring or appliances than is afforded by a common fuse. Normal fuses, circuit breakers and surge protectors are not included. It is identifiable by a ‘test’ button.

Semi-detached, row or terrace house, townhouse

A dwelling that is either attached in some structural way to one or more dwellings or is separated from neighbouring dwellings by less than half a metre (includes duplexes). It has its own private grounds and no other dwelling above or below it.

Separate house

A house that stands alone in its own grounds separated from other dwellings by at least half a metre. It may have a flat attached to it, such as a granny flat or converted garage (the flat is categorised under Flat, unit or apartment).

Single flush toilet

An older style toilet that has one button or lever that flushes the full volume of the cistern.

Soaker hose

A hose with small holes along its length that lets water spray out in a fine mist or drip out.

Split system air conditioner

Split system air-conditioning units comprise internal and external units linked by refrigerant pipes. Indoor units can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. The outdoor unit can be roof mounted, wall mounted or fixed directly to the ground. Besides being more energy efficient than traditional wall or window mounted units, they also reduce noise levels inside the house.

Sub-surface irrigation

Sub-surface irrigation waters through underground hose(s), which drip water directly to plant root systems. This method has the advantage of directly watering plants where it is most needed and eliminates the problem of water evaporation.

Swimming pool

A swimming pool situated in the grounds of a private dwelling.

Tenure type

Describes the legal right a person has to occupy a dwelling.

Top loading washing machines

An automatic washing machine that is loaded from the top.

Water efficient shower head

A water saving device that restricts water flow through shower heads. Sometimes referred to as a low flow shower head.