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Water Statistics

Below is a short Water Quiz to self-assess your awareness of water-related data available in two recent Environmental publications.
Questions 1-5 relate to Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends, 2007 (cat. no. 4613.0), questions 6-10 relate to Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices, March 2007 (cat. no. 4602.0). Page numbers accompanying each question below relate to the pdf version of these publications.

1. What was the second most common source of water used by Australian households in 2007? (See page 70)

a) Main/storm water

b) Rain water tank

c) Bottled water

d) Grey water

2. Which sector/industry accounts for the largest volume of water consumption in Australia? (See page 62)

a) Water suppliers

b) Manufacturing industry

c) Agricultural industry

d) Households

3. The Murray-Darling Basin accounts for what percentage of Australia's irrigation water use? (See page 22)

a) 70%

b) 72%

c) 74%

d) 76%

4. Is the following statistic True or False?

The percentage increase reported on the number of fishing vessels apprehended for illegal fishing between 1999 and 2005 was 250%. (See page 75)

5. Is the following statement True or False?

The United States of America was the first country in the world to introduce the Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme that requires mandatory water efficiency labels on all shower heads, washing machines, toilets, dishwashers, urinals and some types of taps. (See page 21)

6. In 2007, how many households reported using rainwater tanks a source of water? (See page 32)

a) Less than 500,000

b) Between 500,000 and 1 million

c) More than 1 million

d) More than 1.5 million

7. In terms of water conservation, which state had the highest proportion of households who reported collecting grey water? (See page 45)

a) New South Wales

b) Victoria

c) Queensland

d) Australian Capital Territory

8. What percentage of Australian households reported to have at least one dual-flush toilet in 2007? (See page 47)

a) 36%

b) 54%

c) 73%

d) 81%

9. What is the third most common way to save water in the garden? (See page 63)

a) Using grey water

b) Only watering when necessary

c) Using mulch

d) Waiting for rainfall

10. Which state/territory has the highest proportion of outdoor spas? (See page 76)

a) New South Wales

b) Victoria

c) Western Australia

d) Northern Territory

Quiz Answers

About the publications...

Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends, 2007 (cat. no. 4613.0)

This publication offers a broad selection of environmental statistics and information which illustrate topical environmental issues. The first part explores an issue of major environmental concern, and the issue chosen for the 2007 edition is water. The second part covers major trends of relevance to the environment, included under five broad headings: population, human activities, atmosphere, water, and landscape.

This publication is particularly useful for:
  • school research projects
  • informed decision-making across all levels of government
  • policy makers, environmental practitioners or researchers
  • general public interest

Environmental Issues: People's Views and Practices, March 2007 (cat. no. 4602.0)

This publication focuses on 'water use and conservation' and covers a range of issues including water sources, water supply, rainwater tanks and water saving measures.