Personal and Household Goods Hire

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    Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)


    The survey includes all non-government TAUs / ABNs classified to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) Classes 9519 (Personal and household goods hiring nec). It is one of three hire industries been surveyed and will be combined into the Hire Industries publication.

    The major external organisation interested in this survey is the Australian Hire and Rental Industry Association. The association showed very strong interest in results of the 1999-00 survey as it was the first time that they were able to garner any benchmark information for their industry. ABS data for this industry has been used in many ways such as:
      • Guidelines for entry, new tax depreciation rules (extending the depreciable life of equipment), and indemnity insurance
      • ACCC hearings in considering takeovers/mergers in the industry;
      • Financial leasing companies making lending decisions to hiring businesses,
      • Analysis of the industry by corporate and industry analysts,
      • Studying the income and expense profile of the industry by small businesses either in the industry or about to enter the industry.

    The main internal demand for this survey is from the National Accounts Branch (NAB) who have a strong interest in the conduct of this survey as there is very little information available on the structure of this industry elsewhere. The outputs from this collection are required within NAB generally for subsidiary purposes, and more specifically in measuring the domestic supply of particular products which are used in deriving supply/use benchmarks.

    The Hire industries are part of an annual program of surveys targeting the Services Sector of the economy.


    The main purpose of this collections is to provide data in response to user needs for size and structure information (mainly financial and employment) on a regular basis, as well as selected activity measures of interest to external clients. It also provides data which feeds into Input/Output tables and for annual bench marking of economic activity by National accounts.

    The scope of the survey is all employing units on the Australian Business Register classified to ANZSIC 9519, Personal and Household goods hiring.


    Conceptual framework

    Main outputs

    The 2002-03 Hire Industries Publication will be produced from this industry survey and the previously mentioned two other industry ANZSICs. The publication will contain the following tables at the Australian level;

    • Sources of income split by type of good hired and other income sources;
    • Items of expenditure;
    • Length of hire;
    • Characteristics of employment;
    • Various ratios such as % of total income, wages and expenses by employment size;
    • Other selected ratios by employment size;
    • Distribution of businesses by margin of operating profit or loss;
    • Type of client who hired the good;
    • Value of hire assets;
    • Levels of public liability insurance and number of claims.

    Table at the State level will include;
    • Number of businesses and locations;
    • Employment;
    • Wages;
    • Income.


    According to the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) (1292.0), each business unit is classified to a single industry. The industry allocated is based on an estimate expenditure on the primary activity of TAU / ABN unit irrespective of whether a range of activities or a single activity is undertaken by the unit. For example, a TAU which expends most of its financial resources on hire/leasing of plant would have all operations included in the aggregates and ratios for the Plant hire and leasing industry, even if significant secondary activities (e.g. transport) were undertaken.

    ANZSIC has been used to classify TAUs / ABNs included in this survey. Statistics in publications are generally presented at the ANZSIC Class level.

    The Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification has been used to provide a basis for recompiling basic product statistics from their original classifications into a standard classification for analytical use. All product components have been mapped to ANZSPC.

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    Personal and Household hire (9519) 1999-00


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