1362.6 - Regional Statistics, Tasmania, 2006  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 06/02/2006   
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    Regional Summary
      Regional environmental indicators
      Regional social indicators
      Regional economic indicators
      Links to other regional information
      Agriculture - regional overview
      Gross value of agricultural production
      Agricultural production
        Crops and pastures
      Further information about Tasmanian agriculture
    Community and safety services
      Community and safety services - regional overview
      Aged care and disability services
      Tasmania Fire Service
        Incidents reported
        Vegetation burnt
        Cause of fires
        Civilian injuries and deaths
      Further information about services for the community in Tasmania
    Crime and justice
      Crime and justice - regional overview
      Victims of crime by selected offences
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Victims of crime by age and sex
      Complaints to the Tasmanian Ombudsman about local government authorities
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Legal Aid
      Further information about crime and justice in Tasmania
    Culture and heritage
      Culture and heritage - Regional overview
      Attendance at cultural activities
      Further information about culture and heritage in Tasmania
    Education and training
      Education and training - regional overview
      Structure of schools in Tasmania
        Government schools
        Non-government schools
        All schools in Tasmania
      Primary and secondary education
        Full-time students
          Government schools
          Non-government schools
          All schools in Tasmania
        Part-time students
        Highest level of schooling completed
      Tertiary education
        University of Tasmania, student enrolments
      Vocational education and training
        Government funded vocational education and training
          Number of students
          Nominal hours of delivery
        Apprentices and trainees
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
        Institute of TAFE Tasmania
          Nominal hours of delivery
          Enrolments by delivery program
      Non-school qualifications
      Adult and community education
      Transition from education to work
      Further information about education and training in Tasmania
      Environment - regional overview
      Environmental complaints
        Air pollution
          Specified industrial reporting facilities
          Other sources of emissions
        Ozone depleting substances
        Land tenure
        Land use
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
        Geoconservation sites
        Land cover
        Threatened species
      Human settlement
      Waste recycling
      Further information about Tasmania's environment
      Forestry - regional overview
      Land on State Forest
      Activity on State Forests
      Further information about Tasmanian forestry
      Health - regional overview
      Life expectancy
      Health related actions
      Hospital separations
      Health conditions
      Health risk factors
      Causes of death
        Crude death rate
      Health services
        Hospital beds
        Occupied bed days
        Ambulance activity
      Further information about health in Tasmania
    Housing and construction
      Housing and construction - regional overview
      Housing characteristics
        Rent paid
        Number of bedrooms
      Number of dwelling units approved
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Value of buildings approved
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Property sales
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Public housing
        Rental stock
        Rental occupants by age
        People waiting for public housing
      Further information about Tasmania's housing and construction industry
    Income and expenditure
      Income and expenditure - regional overview
      Median weekly income
      Wage and salary earners
      Housing expenditure
      Further information about income and expenditure in Tasmania
    Industry overview
      Industry overview - regional overview
      Small business
        Greater Hobart Southern-Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Workplace claims
      Further information about industry in Tasmania
    Information technology and communications
      Information technology and communications - regional overview
      Computer use at home
        Computer use at home by age
      Internet use
        Internet use by age
      Farms using a computer and the Internet
      Further information about Tasmania's information technology and communications
      Labour - regional overview
      Labour force
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Persons employed
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
        Employment by occupation
        Employment by industry
      Persons unemployed
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Further information about Tasmania's labour force
    Local government finance
      Local government finance - regional overview
      Property valuations
        Selected expenses
      Balance sheet
      Further information about local government finance in Tasmania
      Mining - regional overview
      Population - regional overview
      Population size
      Population change
      Population composition
        Median age
        Age and sex (number)
        Age and sex (proportion)
      Population in municipalities
      Family type
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population
      Further information about Tasmania's population
    Sport and recreation
      Sport and recreation - regional overview
        Age and sex of adults participating in sports and physical activities
        Adults participating in selected activities
        National parks attendance and walker registrations
        Participation in outdoor recreation activities
      Licensed premises, liquor and accommodation
        Licensed gaming premises and machines
        Visits to use gaming machines
      Further information about Tasmanian sport and recreation
      Tourism - regional overview
        Visitor arrivals
          Places visited: selected other locations
          Places visited: World Heritage Area
          Places visited: National Parks and reserves
          Places visited: towns and cities
      Further information about tourism in Tasmania
      Transport - regional overview
      Motor vehicles on the register
      Passenger vehicles by year of manufacture
      Drivers licences
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Bus transport
      Method of travel to work
        Greater Hobart-Southern Region
        Northern Region
        Mersey-Lyell Region
      Government roads
        Local government roads
        State government roads
        National roads
      Road accidents
        Road accident fatalities and injuries by road user type
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
        Road accident fatalities and injuries by location of accident
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
        Motor accident claims
          Greater Hobart-Southern Region
          Northern Region
          Mersey-Lyell Region
      Further information about transport in Tasmania
      Welfare - regional overview
      Commonwealth government payments
        Age Pension
        Disability Support Pension
        Newstart Allowance
        Family Tax Benefit
        Parenting Payment
        Youth Allowance
        Other Selected Payments
        Rent Asistance
      Disability support services
        Service outlets
        Persons receiving services
        Utilisation of services
      Aged care
      Further information about welfare in Tasmania
    Regional maps
      Forestry Districts
      National Action Plan Priority Region, Midlands
      Statistical Regions
      Telephone Directory Areas
      Tourism Regions