5216.0 - Australian National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods, 2000  
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ABS Publications

National accounts publications

A Guide to Australian National Accounts (Cat. no. 5235.0) - irregular.

Australian National Accounts: Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. no. 5216.0) - May 1990.

Australian National Accounts: Financial Accounts (Cat. no. 5232.0) - quarterly.

Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Multipliers (Cat. no. 5237.0) - irregular.

Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables (Cat. no. 5209.0) - irregular.

Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables (Commodity Details) (Cat. no. 5215.0) - irregular.

Australian National Accounts: National Balance Sheet (Cat. no. 5241.0.40.001) - annual.

Australian National Accounts: National Income, Expenditure and Product (Cat. no. 5206.0) - quarterly.

Australian National Accounts: Quarterly State Details (Cat. no. 5206.0.40.001) - quarterly.

Australian National Accounts: State Accounts (Cat.no. 5220.0) - annual.

Australian System of National Accounts (Cat. no. 5204.0) - annual.

Other ABS publications referred to in this publication

A Guide to Interpreting Time Series - Monitoring Trends: an Overview (Cat. no. 1348.0) - irregular.

ABS Economic Statistics: The Expanded Use of Business Income Tax Data (Cat. no. 5672.0) - irregular.

Accommodation Industry, Australia (Cat. no. 8695.0) - irregular.

Agriculture, Australia (Cat. no. 7113.0) - annual.

Agricultural Commodities, Australia (Cat. no. 7121.0) - annual.

Australian Demographic Statistics (Cat. no. 3101.0) - quarterly.

Australian Mining Industry (Cat. no. 8414.0) - biennial.

Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification 1993 (ANZSIC) (Cat. no. 1292.0) - irregular.

Average Weekly Earnings, Australia (Cat. no. 6301.0) - quarterly.

Award Rates of Pay Indexes, Australia (Cat. no. 6312.0) - monthly.

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia (Cat. no. 5302.0) - quarterly.

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia: Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. no. 5331.0) - irregular.

Book Publishers, Australia (Cat. no. 1363.0) - biennial.

Building Activity, Australia (Cat. no. 8752.0) - quarterly.

Business of Music, Australia (Cat. no. 4143.0) - irregular.

Business Use of Information Technology (Cat. no. 8129.0) - irregular.

Child Care, Australia (Cat. no. 4402.0) - triennial.

Clubs, Pubs, Taverns and Bars, Australia (Cat. no. 8687.0) - irregular.

Community Services, Australia, Preliminary (Cat. no. 8694.0) - irregular.

Company Profits, Australia (Cat. no. 5651.0) - quarterly.

Computing Services Industry, Australia (Cat. no. 8669.0) - irregular.

Consultant Engineering Services, Australia (Cat. no. 8693.0) - irregular.

Consumer Price Index (Cat. no. 6401.0) - quarterly.

Electricity, Gas, Water and Sewerage Industries, Australia (Cat. no. 8208.0) - biennial.

Engineering Construction Activity, Australia (Cat. no. 8762.0) - quarterly.

Export Price Index, Australia (Cat. no. 6405.0) - quarterly.

Film and Video Production and Distribution, Australia (Cat. no. 8679.0) - irregular.

Government Finance Statistics, Australia (Cat. no. 5512.0) - annual.

Government Financial Estimates, Australia (Cat. no. 5501.0) - annual

Government Use of Information Technology, Australia, 1993-94 (Cat. no. 8119.0) - irregular.

Home Production of Selected Foodstuffs, Australia (Cat. no. 7110.0) - irregular.

Hospitality Industries, Australia (Cat. no. 8674.0) - irregular.

House Price Indexes, Eight Capital Cities (Cat. no. 6416.0) - quarterly.

Household Use of Information Technology, Australia (Cat. no. 8146.0) - biennial.

Import Price Index, Australia (Cat. no. 6414.0) - quarterly.

Information Technology (Cat. no. 8126.0) - biennial.

Inventories and Sales, Selected Industries, Australia (Cat. no. 5629.0) - quarterly.

Legal and Accounting Services, Australia (Cat. no. 8678.0) - irregular.

Lending Finance, Australia (Cat. no. 5671.0) - monthly.

Livestock Products, Australia (Cat. no. 7215.0) - quarterly.

Managed Funds, Australia (Cat. No. 5655.0) - quarterly.

Manufacturing Industry, Australia (Cat. no. 8221.0) - annual.

Manufacturing Production, Australia (Cat. no. 8301.0) - quarterly.

Measuring Australia's Economy (Cat. no. 1360.0) - biennial.

Mineral and Petroleum Exploration, Australia (Cat. no. 8412.0) - quarterly.

Mining, Electricity and Gas Operations, Australia, Preliminary (Cat. no. 8401.0) - annual.

Mining Operations, Australia (Cat. no. 8415.0) - biennial.

Motor Vehicle Census, Australia (Cat. no. 9309.0) - annual.

New Motor Vehicle Registrations, Australia, Preliminary (Cat. no. 9301.0) - monthly.

Overseas Arrivals and Departures, Australia (Cat. no. 3401.0) - monthly.

Price Index of Materials Used in Building Other Than House Building, Six State Capital Cities (Cat. no. 6407.0) - quarterly.

Price Indexes of Articles Produced by Manufacturing Industry, Australia (Cat. no. 6412.0) - quarterly.

Price Indexes of Materials Used in Manufacturing Industries, Australia (Cat. no. 6411.0) - quarterly.

Private Sector Construction Industry: Private Sector Construction Establishments, Details of Operations, Australia (Cat. no. 8772.0) - irregular.

Producer and Foreign Trade Price Indexes: Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. no. 6419.0) - irregular.

Real Estate Agents Industry, Australia (Cat. no. 8663.0) - irregular.

Retail Industry, State and Territory Summary (Cat. no. 8625.0) - irregular.

Retail Trade, Australia (Cat. no. 8501.0) - monthly.

Schools, Australia (Cat. no. 4221.0) - annual.

Standard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia (SESCA) (Cat. no. 1218.0) - irregular.

Standard Institutional Sector Classifications of Australia (SISCA) (Cat. no. 1218.0)

Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia (Cat. no. 9208.0) - irregular.

Technical Services, Australia (Cat. no. 8676.0) - irregular.

The Australian Consumer Price Index: Concepts, Sources and Methods (Cat. no. 6461.0) - irregular.

The Labour Force, Australia (Cat. no. 6203.0) - monthly.

Tourism Indicators, Australia (Cat. no. 8634.0) - quarterly.

Tourist Accommodation, Australia (Cat. no. 8635.0) - quarterly.

Wage and Salary Earners, Australia (Cat. no. 6248.0) - quarterly.

Wage Cost Index (Cat. no. 6345.0) - quarterly.

Wholesale Industry: Details of Operations (Cat. no. 8638.0) - irregular.

    Occasional papers

    Occasional Papers produced by officers of the ABS report on various aspects of research being undertaken on the national accounts. They are not used for the release of official statistics and do not necessarily reflect the views of the ABS. The following Occasional Papers are available at all ABS offices:

    Estimates of Depreciation and Capital Stock, Australia - R. Walters and R. Dippelsman (1985/3).

    Estimates of Multifactor Productivity, Australia - C. Aspden (Cat. no. 5233.0).

    National Balance Sheets for Australia: Issues and Experimental Estimates, 1989-1992 (Cat. no. 5241.0).

    Productivity, Prices, Profits and Pay, 1964-65 to 1989-90 - I. Castles (Cat. no. 5239.0).

    State Accounts, Australia: Issues and Experimental Estimates - S. Burrell, J. Daniel, A. Johnson and R. Walters (1984/4).

    Studies in National Accounting: Current-cost and Constant-cost Depreciation and Net Capital Stock - C. Bailey (1981/1).

    The Accuracy and Reliability of the Quarterly Australian National Accounts - A.G. Johnson (1982/1).

    The Effects of Rebasing the Constant Price Estimates of the Australian National Accounts - R. Dippelsman (1985/1).

    The RAS Method for Compiling Input-Output Tables: ABS Experience.

    Unpaid Work and the Australian Economy, 1997 (Cat. no. 5240.0).

    Information papers and Discussion papers

    These papers are published by the ABS to provide information on topical issues and developments. The following papers relating to national accounting issues are available at all ABS offices:

    ABS Statistics and the New Tax System (Cat. no. 1358.0).

    Australian National Accounts: Estimates of Capital Stock 1985-1986, (Cat. no. 5221.0)

    Australian National Accounts: Flow of Funds Developmental Estimates, 1990.

    Australian National Accounts: Gross Product, Employment and Hours Worked, June Quarter 1988, 1988

    Australian National Accounts: Implementation of Revised International Standards (Cat. no. 5251.0) - irregular.

    Australian National Accounts: Introduction of Chain Volume Measures (Cat. no. 5248.0) - irregular.

    Australian National Accounts: Introduction of Constant Price Estimates at Average 1989-90 Prices, 1993.

    Australian National Accounts: Introduction to Input-Output Multipliers (Cat. no. 5246.0).

    Australian National Accounts: Tourism Satellite Account, 1997-98 (Cat. no. 5249.0)

    Introduction of Revised International Statistical Standards in ABS Macro-economic Statistics (Cat. no. 5245.0).

    Measuring Unpaid Household Work: Issues and Experimental Estimates (Cat. no. 5236.0).

    Price Indexes and the New Tax System (Cat. no. 6425.0).

    Upgraded Australian National Accounts (Cat. no. 5253.0).

    Upgraded Australian National Accounts: Financial Accounts (Cat. no. 5254.0).

    Other publications

    ACOCIA, Digital Broadcast Australia - fortnightly.

    Australian Book Publishers Association, Introduction to Book Publishing, Australian Publishers Association, Ultimo, NSW, 1997.

    Australian Broadcasting Authority, Broadcasting Financial Results - annual

    Australian Broadcasting Tribunal, Annual Report.

    Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE), Agriculture and Resources Quarterly.

    ---Australian Commodities Forecasts and Issues - quarterly

    ---Forest Products Statistics - quarterly

    ---Indexes of Prices Received and Paid by Farmers - quarterly

    ---Quarterly Mineral Statistics

    ---Timber Supply Review - quarterly

    Australian Geological Survey Organisation, Australia's Identified Mineral Resources - annual.

    Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Information Bulletin - annual.

    Australian Prudential Regulation Authority, Selected Statistics on the General Insurance Industry - annual

    Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA),Yearbook

    Australian Taxation Office, Taxation Statistics - annual.

    ---Master Tax Guide, 1997.

    Batty N., 'Gross Domestic Product, Employment and Productivity', June quarter 1989 issue of Australian National Accounts: National Income and Expenditure (Cat. no. 5206.0).

    Butlin N.G., Australian Domestic Product, Investment and Foreign Borrowing, 1861 to 1938-39, Cambridge, 1962, Ch. 2.

    Clark, Colin & Crawford J.G., The National Income of Australia, Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1938.

    Commissioner of Taxation, Draft White Paper Reform of the Australian Tax System, June 1985.

    Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, Australian Input-Output Tables, 1958-59, CBCS, Canberra, 1964.

    ---Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables, 1962-63, CBCS, Canberra, 1973.

    ---Australian National Accounts: National Income and Expenditure, 1948-49 to 1961-62, CBCS, Canberra, 1963.

    ---Estimates of Gross Product by Industry at Current and Constant Prices, 1959-60 to 1965-66, CBCS, Canberra, 1969.

    ---Quarterly Estimates of National Income and Expenditure, CBCS, Canberra, 1960.

    ---The Australian Balance of Payments, 1928-29 to 1937-38, AGPS, Canberra, 1938

    Commonwealth Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Overseas Student Statistics, annual

    ---Selected Higher Education Finance Statistics, annual

    ---Selected Vocational Education and Training Statistics, annual

    Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, Operations of Registered Health Insurance Organisations - annual.

    Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science and Resources, Australian Petroleum Statistics, monthly

    ---Major Energy Statistics - monthly.

    Commonwealth Department of Social Security, Characteristics of Pensioners - monthly.

    ---Summary of Statistics - six-monthly.

    ---Survey of Unemployment Recipients - quarterly.

    Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services, Australian Non-Government Railways: Operating Statistics - annual

    ---Transport Indicators, quarterly

    Dale, Martin, The Movie Game: the film business in Britain, Europe and America, Cassell, London, Herdon, VA, USA, 1997

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    Glass's Guide for Passenger Vehicles - monthly

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    Office of European Economic Co-operation, National Accounts Studies, Paris, 1951-53; and Office of European Economic Co-operation, A Standardised System of National Accounts, Paris, 1952.

    Private Health Insurance Administration Council, Operations of the Registered Health Benefits Organisations - quarterly.

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    Reserve Bank of Australia, The Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin - monthly

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    Tasmanian Gaming Commission, Australian Gambling Statistics - annual

    The Australian Gas Association, Gas Statistics Australia - annual

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    ---International Standard Industrial Classification of all Economic Activities (ISIC)

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    Winfrey R., Statistical Analysis of Industrial Property Retirements, Iowa State College of Agricultural and Mechanic Arts, 1938.

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