Video Segment 1: Introduction to the NRP - Text Transcript 2004-2008

Welcome to the fifth edition of the National Regional Profile produced by the Rural and Regional Statistics National Centre of the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This screen show is split into seven segments and is designed to assist users in navigating their way through the product, as well as to highlight the new features.

The first segment is an introduction to the National Regional Profile and the new Map Entry Page.

The National Regional Profile presents a range of data including business counts, unemployment, motor vehicle census and taxation data.

This fifth edition includes data series not previously featured, including estimates of personal income, household wealth, selected Government pensions and allowances, age of motor vehicles, and water use on Australian farms.

Data are available for Local Government Areas, Statistical Local Areas and other larger geographies.

Data are presented as a five year time series, where available, from 2004 to 2008, and are available in Summary Web Pages, Excel Spreadsheets, and a SuperTABLE data cube.

The Summary Web Pages provide a brief snapshot of data for a region, while the Excel spreadsheets and the SuperTABLE data cube provide expanded and more detailed breakdowns of some of the data series.

Accessing the National Regional Profile

If you are watching this screen show without having previously viewed the National Regional Profile, you can access the product from the home page of the Australia Bureau of Statistics website at

From the left menu bar select the menu item 'National Regional Profile' located under the 'Regional Statistics' heading.

This will take you to the new Google Maps Entry Page for the product.

From this page you can access information about the region of your choice by either using the address search, selecting a region from the list of regions, or by clicking on the map.

Once you locate your region you will be able to access data for that region by clicking on the 'Get Data' links which are located next to the region name in the list, or in the information window that appears when you select a place marker on the map.

At the top of the Map Entry Page you will find four buttons which take you to other key components of the product, including the Help information and the SuperTABLE data cube.

The 'How to Find a Region' button links to more detailed information on how to access data for an individual region from the map interface.

You can compare data for a number of regions by accessing the SuperTABLE data cube that is available via the 'Compare Regions' button.

The 'About the Data' button provides detailed information about all of the data items that are available in the product. There is also a copy of the product Explanatory Notes, Glossary and Abbreviations pages in this section.

You can access this screen show from the 'Videos and Other Help' button. Here you will also find descriptions of the types of regions for which profiles are available, and some Frequently Asked Questions about the product.

Clicking on any of the buttons at the top of the page will give you access to a left menu bar. This will allow you to move easily between each of the help pages and return to the map page.

That brings us to the end of Segment 1 of the National Regional Profile screen show.

The remaining segments in this series will provide more detailed information on how to find a region and data for that region, how to access data across a number of regions, and accessing the help pages and what data series are available in the National Regional Profile.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered by the screen show or the help pages provided in the product please contact us via email at