1292.0 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 1993  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/05/1993   
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Contents >> Chapter 3. The detailed classification >> Division C - Manufacturing >> 291. Prefabricated Building Manufacturing

2911 Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing structurally complete prefabricated buildings framed and clad predominantly in metal. This Class also includes hire from and incidental erection for a fee by manufacturers of such buildings.

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in

      (a) the manufacture of complete prefabricated buildings n.e.c. such as steel framed lockable kit homes are included in Class 2919 Prefabricated Building Mfg n.e.c.;

      (b) the erection or installation of completely prefabricated buildings (including buildings prefabricated off-site to a substantially complete state) are included in the appropriate classes of Division E Construction;

      (c) the construction (including on-site assembly) of complete pipelines or steel towers are included in Class 4122 Non-Building Construction n.e.c.; and

      (d) the erection or installation (including on-site fabrication) of metal silos, storage tanks or structural steel components for buildings or other structures are included in Class 4224 Structural Steel Erection Services.

Primary Activities
Buildings, prefabricated metal, mfg; Carports prefabricated metal, mfg; Garages prefabricated metal, mfg; Sheds, metal, prefabricated, mfg

2919 Prefabricated Building Manufacturing n.e.c.

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing prefabricated buildings n.e.c. This Class also includes erection for a fee, and hire of prefabricated buildings made by the same unit.

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in

      (a) manufacturing roof trusses and roof frames without the associated cladding are included in Class 2323 Wooden Structural Component Mfg if made of wood or Class 2741 Structural Steel Fabricating if made of steel;

      (b) manufacturing caravans are included in Class 2812 Motor Vehicle Body Mfg;

      (c) manufacturing prefabricated all metal sheds, garages and carports are included in Class 2911 Prefabricated Metal Building Mfg;

      (d) erection of client supplied prefabricated buildings are in the appropriate Class of Group 411 Building Construction; and

      (e) hire of prefabricated buildings other than by the manufacturer for periods of under 12 months are included in Class 7743 Plant Hiring or Leasing.

Primary Activities
Bus shelters, prefabricated, mfg; Concrete buildings, prefabricated, mfg n.e.c.; Container huts mfg; Garages, prefabricated, mfg n.e.c.; Kit homes mfg; Portable toilet buildings mfg; Shade houses, prefabricated, mfg; Sheds, prefabricated, mfg n.e.c.; Survival huts, prefabricated, mfg; Transportable homes mfg

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