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Please note that this Data Cube is an addition to the publication Manufacturing Industry, Australia, 2006-07 (cat no. 8221.0), released on 26 August 2008. The estimates presented here have been compiled using data, from survey questionnaires and business taxation sources, which are additional to the data used in compiling the estimates in that publication, and using different methodology. This change in methodology has allowed for finer levels of industry and geography to be released.


The variables reported are Number of Locations operating at 30 June 2007, Employment, Wages and salaries, and Sales of goods and services. Note that Sales of goods and services excludes Rent, leasing and hiring income, and therefore differs from the item Sales and service income published in Manufacturing Industry, Australia (cat no. 8221.0).

For the purpose of these statistics, a Location is defined as an unbroken physical area or site at (or from) which a business engages in productive activity on a relatively permanent basis. For definitions of the other data variables please see the Glossary, from the Explanatory Notes tab.


This release presents, for the manufacturing industry in 2006-07, state estimates of key variables at the industry class level, and regional estimates at the industry subdivision level. Industry is classified according to the 2006 edition of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) (cat no. 1292.0), whereas the previous Manufacturing Census (in 2001-02) was based on the 1993 edition. Regional estimates at the Statistical Division level are classified according to the Australian Standard Geographic Classification (ASGC) (cat no. 1216.0), 2006 edition.

Data at finer levels of industry or geographic detail may be available on request and for a charge. Please contact Phillip Lui, on (02) 9268 4269 or <phillip.lui@abs.gov.au>.


The methodology and scope for the regional estimates in this release (Table 2) differs from that of the state class estimates (Table 1), and those included in Manufacturing Industry, Australia (cat no. 8221.0). All manufacturing businesses which received a mail-out questionnaire in the 2006-07 Economic Activity Survey were asked to list the locations from which they operated at 30 June 2007 and the number of people employed, and the main activity of the business, at each such location. This information was used to apportion the manufacturing activity of the business across those locations that it had reported as being predominantly engaged in manufacturing, to enable regional estimates of the variables named above to be compiled.

The activity descriptions provided were used to assign industry codes to each location. Locations which are classified through this process to manufacturing industries need not have been classified to the same industry as that recorded for the business on the ABS Business Register. This arises because the industry codes allocated to individual locations through this process may be more current and/or more detailed. For most businesses, the industry code held on the ABS Business Register determines the industry to which the business will be classified for the purpose of the estimates published in Manufacturing Industry, Australia (cat no. 8221.0).

Because the ABS Business Register does not hold details of the locations from which multi-location businesses operate, some assumptions were made in order to produce these state and regional estimates. Specifically,

  • each business recorded on the ABS Business Register as a micro non-employing business was assumed to operate from only one location; these businesses contribute to the estimates via their taxation data only, and are not sent questionnaires.
  • similarly, each employing business which had an estimated annual turnover of less than $2.9 million in 2006-07 was also assumed to operate from only one location. Most of these businesses contribute to the estimates via their taxation data, although a few are selected to receive mail-out questionnaires.
  • businesses which had an estimated annual turnover of $2.9 million or more in 2006-07 were eligible to be treated as multi-location businesses. Only those locations which were reported as being predominantly engaged in manufacturing contribute to the manufacturing census regional estimates in this release.


The results of the 2006-07 manufacturing census are published according to the 2006 edition of Australian New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) (cat no. 1292.0). The introduction of ANZSIC 2006 has seen activities re-classified into and out of Manufacturing (Division C). Significantly, many ANZSIC classes within the ANZSIC 1993 subdivision Printing, Publishing and Recorded Media (Subdivision 24) have moved to Division J (Information and Media). The Australian Standard Geographic Classification used in 2006-07 is based on the 2006 edition. At the statistical division level there have been minimal changes except for Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and West Moreton, all of which were affected by boundary changes.

Secondly, the scope of the 2006-07 manufacturing census excludes, for the first time, those businesses that are identified on the Australian Business Register (from information supplied by the Australian Taxation Office) as having an Income Tax Instalment Provision (ITIP) taxation 'role' but no other taxation 'role', and/or are long term non-remitters of Business Activity Statement (BAS) data.

The impact of the industry and scope changes is a reduction in the number of in-scope businesses, and therefore in the number of locations.

Because of the combined effect of this new classification and scope changes, a new series has commenced with these 2006-07 data. Hence, extreme caution should be exercised in any comparison with the previous release of these data, which related to 2001-02.


Estimates in this release are compiled from a census of businesses in the Manufacturing industry, while estimates published previously in Manufacturing Industry, Australia, 2006-07 (cat no. 8221.0) and in Australian Industry, 2006-07 (cat no. 8155.0) are compiled from a survey of businesses. Aggregates in this release could therefore differ from earlier releases due to such issues such as sampling error.

In addition, aggregate estimates of regional data in this release, at the state level, are compiled using a different methodology and scope than earlier releases. As explained above, the regional data published here
  • exclude the activity of any non-manufacturing locations of predominantly manufacturing businesses;
  • reflect independently-determined industry classification of the activities at individual manufacturing locations.