1360.0 - Measuring Australia's Economy, 2003  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 03/02/2003   
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    Relevance to Curriculum Frameworks
    Section 1. Measuring Economic Activity
    Section 2. Summary Measures of Economic Activity
      National Accounts
      Gross Domestic Product
      Gross Domestic Product Account
      National Income Account
      National Capital Account
      National Accounts Balance Sheet
      Government Financial Statistics
      Experimental Composite Leading Indicator
      Input-Output Tables
      Environmental Accounts
    Section 3. International Accounts and Trade
      Balance of Payments and International Investment Position
      Balance of Payments
        Current Account
        Capital Account
        Financial Account
      Goods and Services
      Balance on Goods and Services
      Net Income
      Composition of Net Foreign Debt
      Foreign Debt
      Foreign Investment in Australia
      Australian Investment Abroad
      Exchange Rates
      Trade-weighted Index
      Terms of Trade and Indexes of Competitiveness
    Section 4. Domestic Consumption and Investment
      Household Final Consumption Expenditure
      Retail Turnover
      Private Non-farm Inventories to Total Sales Ratio
      Private New Capital Expenditure
      Residential Building Activity
      Non-residential Building Activity
      Engineering Construction
      Sales of New Motor Vehicles
    Section 5. Production and Industry
      Industry Economic Activity
      Agricultural Commodity Production
    Section 6. Prices and Income
      Consumer Price Index
      National Accounts - Chain Price Index
      RBA Commodity Price Index
      Prices Received and Paid by Farmers
      Producer Price Indexes
      International Trade Price Indexes
      Average Weekly Earnings
      Wage Cost Index
      Company Profits
      Household Income Distribution
    Section 7. Labour Force and Demography
      Labour Force Framework
      Employed Persons by Industry
      Unemployment and Labour Force Participation
      Job Vacancies
      Industrial Disputes
      Population Change
      Population Structure
    Section 8. Financial Markets
      M3, Broad Money and Credit
      Interest Rates
      Share Price Indexes
      Home Loans
      Financial Accounts
    Section 9. International Comparisons
      Real Gross Domestic Product Volume Index
      Balance on Current Account
      Balance on Merchandise Trade
      Unemployment Rates
      Private Consumption Expenditure Volume Index
      Private Fixed Capital Investment Volume Index
      Industrial Production Volume Index
      Consumer Price Index
      Short-term Interest Rates
      Exchange Rates
      Share Price Index
      International Comparisons - endnotes
    Section 10. Statistics: Concepts, Sources, Methods and Usage