Help: How do I download data cubes with a SRD file extension?

Some historical ABS multi dimensional data cubes, and a limited range of datasets are available in Summary Record Database (SRD) format. To view these files, you will need to install the SuperTABLE software.

SuperTable is a PC based piece of proprietary software provided by Space Time Research. SuperTABLE does not work on Macintosh computers or on ipads. It is free for individuals, and can be downloaded from the Space-Time Research web site.

Where SRD files are provided by the ABS, they will be available in the download tab of a publication.

Please note that the ABS does not provide any support for SuperTable. The ABS long-term approach is to provide data in non-proprietary formats, through solutions such as ABS.Stat. However, until a solution is developed to replace SRD formats, some limited data sets will still be produced in this format.

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