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Visitors to a household

Characteristics of individual visitors to a household are available at the household of enumeration. Visitors may also be tabulated according to their CD of usual residence but cannot be placed back to their dwelling of usual residence. The 2006 Census is the second Census where the CD of usual residence of visitors will be recorded. Data will be imputed to CD level where the respondent has given insufficient address information, which was not the case in 2001, where data were only imputed to SLA level. Visitors are excluded from household and family classifications, although counts of visitors (and visitor only households) are still available separately.

All household and family classifications in the Census are based on the relationships of people usually residing in the household. This applies when there is at least one person aged 15 years and over present. In these classifications, people temporarily absent are included, and visitors are excluded.

The relationship of visitors to one another, or to any resident (including cases where all the people enumerated are visitors) is not further classified.

Households containing only visitors are excluded from household mobility variables.

See also Place of enumeration, Household.

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