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September 2007 CensusAtSchool Newsletter - Edition No. 20

Countdown to 2008 CensusAtSchool project launch!
Suggestions for 2008 Questionnaire
A shortcut to accessing the CensusAtSchool website
An idea for your classroom…
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Countdown to 2008 CensusAtSchool project launch!

The countdown to the 2008 CensusAtSchool project has begun! The project will open in October 2007 - that's only a short two and half months!! To participate in the 2008 project, you will need to register your school. Schools registered in 2006 will not need to re-register. All schools will be receiving an information pack introducing the project and giving you ideas about how you can use it in your classroom, across curricula and across year levels.
In Term 1 of 2008, your students will be able to log on and complete the interactive questionnaire. The 2008 CensusAtSchool questionnaire will contain some new and exciting innovations:
  • international questions where students can compare their responses to students from other countries;
  • new questions that reflect your requests;
  • familiar questions that allow comparisons to be drawn over time (Time Series).

Last year, 112,173 students completed the online questionnaire and provided you with a rich source of real data about Australian students that you can use in your classroom. Visit the CensusAtSchool website and see how this flexible resource was used in classrooms across Australia. www.abs.gov.au/censusatschool

key dates
22 Oct 2007
Launch of 2008 CensusAtSchool project - School
Registrations open
29 January 2008
Questionnaire open to students
4 July 2008
Questionnaire phase closes
7 July 2008
Data Usage phase opens!
Suggestions for 2008 Questionnaire
The CensusAtSchool team is currently developing the 2008 questionnaire. We have already received comments from the subject matter associations and education intermediaries; now we need your feedback!

Give some thought to making this activity a school activity, involving several year levels and subject areas. Part of the real value of CensusAtSchool is its cross curricula (ICT, Maths, SOCE/HISE) aspects and how students find the questions relevant and engaging. Now is the time to make your thoughts known as to what you think should be included in the new 2008 questionnaire. If this questionnaire is to really belong to your students, help us to help you in creating a learning resource that meets your needs. View the 2006 questionnaire and give us your views and opinions as to how we can improve it.

Here are some suggestions you might like to consider.

Mathematics focus:

  • more numeric data (discrete and continuous) such as number of bathrooms in your house, pulse rates;
  • changing responses from numerical ranges e.g. 1-3 hrs etc to how many hours did you spend on the phone (continuous);
  • comparisons involving the golden ratio.

Economic focus:
  • income earned by Years 11,12 students;
  • savings/investment questions.

Geography focus
  • What CensusAtSchool data would you like to see represented spatially?

Please send your feedback to censusatschool@abs.gov.au by 21 September, 2007.
A shortcut to accessing the CensusAtSchool website

CensusAtSchool now has a shortened URL so you can access the CensusAtSchool webpages directly! This simplified access should make it easier for you and your students to access the great range of learning resources available on the site.

Try it now - www.abs.gov.au/censusatschool
An idea for your classroom…

How can you bring data to life in your classroom using the CensusAtSchool resource? One way to accomplish this is using an enquiry method that introduces students to elements of quantitative research.

1. Pose a question

Do students of NSW differ in their views to water management to those of Tasmania?

2. What data is to be collected?

a. Determine which questions from CensusAtSchool might be used to answer this question. (e.g. From Question 40: i. We will always have plenty of water; ii. My household should use less water.
b. Determine a study design (To take a random sample of 200 students from NSW and TAS and compare responses to the above questions).
c. Determine the type of data (categorical) and how it can be analysed (summary tables; combined column graphs).

3. Analysing the data

a. Create the summary table and graphs.

b. Look for patterns and trends in the tables and graphs.
c. Is there a relationship between the data in the two states? How can you explain the trends you observed in (b).

4. Conclusions

a. Interpret findings.
b. Draw conclusions.
c. Write summary of findings.

5. Pose new question

Using the findings from the two selected questions, determine which other questions might improve or extend the conclusions drawn and pose a new question for investigation (e.g. iii. We should clean up our rivers and dams; iv. Water restrictions should be permanent).
All resources on ABS website are FREE!
The Australian Bureau of Statistics can help you by providing data that assist you in making informed decisions. A wide range of economic, social and environmental data are available FREE of charge from the ABS website.

Customised information can be provided by our consultancy service for a fee for service basis. Contact the ABS National Information and Referral Service for more information.
If you have any questions or general CensusAtSchool project enquiries, please contact ABS Education Services, CensusAtSchool Team by email censusatschool@abs.gov.au or on free call 1800 623 273 between 9:00am and 5:00pm (AEST) Monday to Friday. Image: Online Newsletter