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63. Earnings, hours and employment conditions

6302.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, Apr 2012
6308.0Information Paper: Average Weekly Earnings, Australia, Changes to Time Series Spreadsheets, Feb 2005
6311.0Information Paper: Construction of Experimental Statistics on Employee Earnings and Jobs from Administrative Data, Australia, 2011-12
6313.0Information Paper: Changes to ABS Measures of Employee Remuneration, 2006
6345.0.55.001Information Paper: Update on ANZSIC 2006 Implementation for Labour Price Index, 2009
6346.0Information Paper: Wage Cost Index, Australia, 2000
6359.0.00.001Information Paper: Forms of Employment, Basic CURF, Australia , Aug 1998
6363.0Information Paper: Labour Price Index, Australia , 2004
6364.0Information Paper: Job Vacancies, Australia, Changes to Time Series Spreadsheets, May 2005