Papers by Catalogue Number

45. Crime and justice

4500.0Crime and Justice News, July 2012 to June 2013
4500.0.55.001Measuring Victims of Crime: A Guide to Using Administrative and Survey data, June 2011
4509.0.55.001Information Paper: Crime and Safety, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2002
4511.0Information Paper: National Crime Statistics, 1993
4518.0Information Paper: Sexual Assault Information Development Framework, 2003
4520.0Information Paper: National Information Development Plan for Crime and Justice, 2005
4522.0.55.001Information Paper: Measuring Crime Victimisation, Australia: The Impact of Different Collection Methodologies, 2002
4524.0In Focus: Crime and Justice Statistics, Partner Violence - January 2020
4525.0Information Paper: National Criminal Justice Statistical Framework, 2007
4529.0Defining the Data Challenge for Family, Domestic and Sexual Violence, 2013
4529.0.00.001Defining the data challenge for family, domestic and sexual violence: Summary, 2013
4529.0.00.002Bridging the data gaps for family, domestic and sexual violence, 2013
4529.0.00.003Foundation for a National Data Collection and Reporting Framework for family, domestic and sexual violence, 2014