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Employment by Industry

Apprentices and Employees Working as Tradesmen, Sep 1977 (cat no. 6233.0)
Employed Wage and Salary Earners, Jun 1971 to Jun 1975 (cat no. 6214.0)
Employment and Unemployment, Dec 1977 (cat no. 6213.0)
Employment Status of Teenagers, Australia, Aug 1978 (cat no. 6234.0.00.001)
Industry Concentration Statistics, 2000-01 (cat no. 8140.0.55.001)
Multiple Jobholding, Preliminary, Aug 1977 (cat no. 6215.0)
Post School Qualifications of Tradesmen and Other Employed Persons, New South Wales, Nov 1979 (cat no. 6202.1)
Type and Conditions of Part-time Employment, South Australia, Oct 1986 (cat no. 6203.4)