Directories Classifications and Manuals by Catalogue Number

13. Year books and other multi-subject products

1352.0.55.066Research Paper: The General Application of Significance Editing to Economic Collections (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2004
1352.0.55.070Research Paper: Estimation Methodologies Using Taxation Data for ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005
1352.0.55.072Research Paper: A Review of Confidentiality Protections for Statistical Tables (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005
1352.0.55.073Research Paper: Decomposition of Movement Estimates as a Diagnostic Tool for Repeated Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1352.0.55.075Research Paper: Imputation in Longitudinal Surveys: The Case of HILDA (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1352.0.55.076Research Paper: Exploring Methods for Creating a Longitudinal Census Dataset (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1359.5StatSearch, A Reference Guide to Western Australian Statistics, 1998
1377.0.55.001Directory of Non-ABS Sources for Knowledge-Based Economy/Society (KBE/S) Indicators, 2002
1389.0Usual Residence Concepts Sources and Methods Paper, Jan 2004
1395.0Essential Statistical Assets for Australia, 2015